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Can I transfer to second year UBC BSC from BCIT - Parkers Legacy

Can I transfer to second year UBC BSC from BCIT

Not when I went but call and ask.It used to be that you could transfer to Lakehead university in Ont.And continue on to complete a chemical engineering degree.

The other option was take ~3 or so classes in the summer and start 3rd year Bachelor of Chemistry in Simon Fraser U but could not transfer to UBC at the time.

Use the BC Transfer Guide to check each of your BCIT courses to see what course (if any) it matches at UBC.That will tell you if you have completed a year of credits or not.You can always apply to UBC, but your marks have to be excellent to be accepted.

You have to meet a UBC academic advisor by appointment with your grade sheets and identification.You have to explain why you wish to transfer and find out what you can get as exemptions.It’s hard to escape first year physics and it’s really the only one to dread.