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Is the Langara directing program good - Parkers Legacy

Is the Langara directing program good

Haven’t encountered this course, but I can offer some general tips on what to look for – For the most part, a course in filmmaking is what you make of it – people have become successful filmmakers without even having studied, which shows that success is down to the individual mostly (i.e their talent, drive, commitment etc).Look for courses that offer practical experience with filmmaking.To get the most benefit you’ll most likely have been making films already and gained some basic shooting skills (university isn’t a good place to just get started learning editing or shooting).Having experienced tutors is also important – are there active/professional filmmakers involved in the lecturing?For example the NFTS in the UK has Roger Deakins lecture at it I believe.Connections with industry… can the course be shown to offer good placements to alumni after they’ve graduated?