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How do you feel about living in Vancouver - Parkers Legacy

How do you feel about living in Vancouver

I live about 22 miles out of Vancouver near Maple Ridge.I spend most of my week in Vancouver.On balance I like the city.

Good shops, lively but not too lively streets.Lots of coffee shops.Some ridiculously expensive shops, some just as interesting and reasonably priced.

Areas of Vancouver vary quite a lot.Downtown Robson and Burrard are very modern with the same bustle as in similar cities anywhere.East Van is a sight to behold for the wrong reasons.

Too much poverty, drugs homelessness.Unbelieveable at times, but not dangerous.Not too far away, 10 minutes by bus you’ve got Commercial Drive which is cosmopolitan.

Lots of ethnic restaurants and independently own shops with character.The Italian origins being still very much present.Never more present than in Italian Car Free Day.

From downtown you can always walk to a beach.You can enjoy the Firework displays in the summer, the Jazz Fest most of which is free.There’s always gigs on somewhere from free to hundreds of bucks for Paul McCartney, The Who, Black Sabbath.

Elton John’s on his way.The Stones have ignored us though, which is a shame.Lots of culture whatever takes your fancy.

Currently lots of jobs, but here’s the rub.It’s a very high cost of living and in general wages are low without much recognition of what it costs to live here.Still people come, as the weather isn’t typically Canadian.

It’s very mild here.Nice hot summers, just what you need for a city fringed with beaches like English Bay, Jericho, Spanish Banks.The winter’s a good skiing opportunity if you can afford it.

Public transport isn’t the best, but it’s not bad.Just depends where you want to go.Vancouver lacks an interesting history like a European city.

No castles here.You could make your way out to Fort Langley where settlement started with the Beaver trade.Good hiking and kayaking opportunties surround you and people are friendly enough, but you get mixed opinions on friendliness.

Don’t miss Bard on the Beach.It starts June.You’ll need to book in advance.

Take a sweater or blanket.Tends to cool off later in evening.Car shows all over the Lower Mainland if you’re into cars, they do do that sort of thing well here.

On balance, an interesting part of the world that I’ve enjoyed for over 10 years.

I shouldn’t answer this because a lot of my answers are about Vancouver.But truth be told, I love living in Vancouver.For me, its the best place to live at this point in my life.I love the environment, the weather (great sunny summers and temperate, although moist winters), the atmosphere where i live (i live next to Stanley Park), access to the US (dual citizen here), and quick access to nature and all that it brings (hiking, skiing.

sailing, swimming, climbing, biking, kayaking, etc.)Yes, it is expensive (but not more than other desirable places around the world), the price of housing seems to be coming down and there is always a lot to do and see.To all those who are thinking of moving to Vancouver, here is some advice.Vancouver is a nice medium sized city with some great restaurants, a few interesting museums and a vibrant culture.

However…what makes Vancouver special is where its located.If you do not like the outdoors and are a city person, Vancouver may not be the best place for you.It blows my mind how many foreigners move here for school or to buy a home and do not even go and experience the great outdoors.

I knew a British man who moved here and left after 5 years because he felt that paying 23 dollars to go to the Vancouver Art Gallery was sacrilegious when the Tate was free!

As of now, I have lived my most of adult life in Vancouver, I would say if I had second chance, I will pick it again without a blink.I escaped crowed Shanghai before it’s population grow to 24 millions today.I hated muggy summer and cold, damp winter without indoor heat (Due to shortage of energy resources of old days, Government divided North-South by using Yangtze River as demarcation.

Shanghai city labeled as southern China and was not allowed to have indoor heat.Existing indoor heating system predated the Revolution as disabled.)My parents live upper Manhattan in New York; but I refused to move there as I feel New York City is too much resemblance to Shanghai to my liking – cold winter and humid summer.

Vancouver is the 3rd largest Metropolitan centers in Canada and yet it still exudes small town feel – which means you can have easy access to sports and cultural events, quality health care, education and among other things without losing out in vastness of mega cities such as Shanghai, New York, or Toronto.The temperament Pacific Northwest rain forest weather during summer is somewhat opposite to the East Coast low pressure muggy air – cool and dry.No profuse sweat.Whenever the temperature reaches 26C/79F, true Vancouverites would cry heat wave assault and you may have trouble to buy fan or portable air-conditioner at hardware stores.

And yet, the same group of pampered folks are the first bunch escape to Caribbean beaches and Mexican Riviera resort when first winter icy rain drops in winter.Go figure.For a visitor, the first couple of things you will notice right away are the ocean and mountain views and multi-ethnicity population with strong Asian slant due to City’s Pacific Rim locale.The big draw back for certain people would be 4 months winter rain and lack of robust night life.

Vancouver is a beautiful city mostly the kitsilano area all the beach communities,,, and the downtown whole area.The suburbs not so much they are dull and nothing special.Richmond GROSS it’s the worst for sure, except in West Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Whiterock which are ocean communities.

Crime is low except in certain suburbs where it is high like Surrey.Relatively clean not lots of littering… but the drug situation is bad.. it’s a port city so lots of drugs and trafficking.The cost of living is through the roof… everything is expensive… all your money goes to SURVIVING.

Food , Clothes, Shelter.The weather is horrible.. depressing… it rains 8–9 months of the year.. grey skies.BUT when the sun actually comes out and the skies are clear and blue it is absolutely beautiful and wonderful.

It’s a northern western Canadian city so thats is what you get.. all the rain creates lots of bright green grass and shrubs and trees and flowers and it’s pretty but for me even though I dislike the American politics I can’t wait to get out of here and head SOUTH to California.I love it there.

If you’re financially doing good than it’s one of the best.Great ppl, great service (High end places) and food quality (Depends on where you eat) is awesome.If you are struggling than although beautiful as f**k, it’s hard to enjoy that beauty on an empty stomach / bank account.

My advice is be a helpful person, do random acts of kindness and it will come back to you in this city almost right away.Sometimes I feel like there are angels in human form who live here.So many strangers have helped me through out (At the skytrain, bringing my phone back that was lost in a taxi and the list goes on .


Great vibes overall 🙂 If you are not from here, try to reach out first and make friends with the locals.Be nice, smile and things will be just fine (Most of the time).I like the local people but the immigrants need to go through a ‘How to be a Canadian’ funnel or something before being let lose.

I wish our immigration was more strict.Speaking the local language and being a nice person person should be part of a test before you get entry into Vancouver or Canada in general.At the very least.

I used to love this city— used to.Cities grow and Vancouver is no exception, however the crowding, the traffic, the selfish, self serving and self entitled have all contributed to its erosion as a great place to live.Plus, every day I run a gauntlet of aggressive homeless panhandlers on my way to work and wait to catch a bus while holding my nose due to the stench of their urine, and this in a good area.

My son pays almost $2000 a month rent on a small and nothing special one bedroom apartment, and if one wants to buy a condo you pretty much have to expect to shell out a cool half million — for a tiny starter.Yes, still very beautiful, interesting and diverse — perhaps overly so because a growing number of jobs now require you speak Chinese due to the extremely large and ever growing Asian population.If that sounds racist, I can assure you I am not.

However I personally am starting to feel outnumbered to the point of alienation and I am not alone.

I’ve lived continuously in Vancouver since 1992.It has changed, become greatly more crowded.Money laundering has driven housing well beyond any realm of reasonable cost.

Rule of thumb, accommodation costs $1000/ sq ft across the board.The last city administration turned the city over to developers.I like my neighbourhood, the West End, but it is under siege by developers.

I was born here and I have been living here all of my life except for 3 years when I went to Alberta to play jr. Hockey.Way to cold there for me.Vancouver has it all, weather, Ocean, Best skiing in the world, the women here are all Smokin.

The only downside to my hometown in to many people know about it now and it’s gotten so expensive to live here it looks like I might have to move.It’s ranked in the top 3most expensive cities in the world, so unless your a multi millionaire (a small house over a million) then your best off looking else where.

So i’ve Been here over 45 years an have rally seen lots of changes.Some good many not so good.If it were to come down to 1 or 2 things, it would first by far have to do with the price of housing.

It’s stupid, now their finally figuring that realestate here is a dumping ground for billions and billions and billions of illegal money.Mostly from Asia.That’s not me talking but the news.

It’s now pretty impossible to buy a house, a million buys you a tear down.Food prices are really high, but not so much as compared to somewhere like Chicago.So thats the worst stuff, it is a beautiful place, very close to other beautiful places.

There’s lots of rain thats why they call it the Wet Coast.If you like Asian food (which I do a lot) this has to be one of the best cities in the world.

I love this city with a passion.There are so many great points to living here.One of the only cities in the world with a beach in the downtown core.

People are friendly and its a very safe place to live.Still easy to get a cheap meal and a drink.Rent is not great and housing prices but its so beautiful.

People complains about the cost of living in Vancouver, however, everything is just worth to live in here.

Great weather, nice people, fabulous nature and amazing job opportunities just make it like a dream!

Vancouver is an amazing city, one of the most beautiful in the world.But, it’s also one of the most expensive.Rent will eat up the biggest part of your income, unless you are rich.

The population is very diversified, heavy on Asians.The ethnic food is amazing.

Ive l8ved here most of my life.Real estate definitely over priced.Decent jobs and food etc if youre not greedy.

You need to save here Lots of free or subsidized stuff to do here.In nature and community centers.Great art scene.

Up to you.

Vancouver would be expensive for lodging.It is very green and clean bc it rains a lot.Food cost is no different then anywhere else.

Toronto has way more things to do and is but less expensive.