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What is Vancouvers work life balance like - Parkers Legacy

What is Vancouvers work life balance like

Apparently, it’s a lot better than in the US and the East Coast, in particular.Frankly, it was a bit of a shock to me.I’m used to working late, that’s how I operate, basically, and was surprised to find out that people really do seem to respect their work-life balance and do not work as late.

Truth be told, most of us choose to work late because it’s in our nature.Many people who moved here from cultures where long hours are assumed, such as NYC, have very similar observations.This is a city of fresh air, beaches and mountains, yoga, running and cycling and sports of all kinds.

If you live here, it’s seemingly assumed that you are doing things outside when not working.So mostly, you work your work hours (whatever they are, shifted hours aren’t unusual) and then everyone seems to understand you aren’t working and you aren’t reachable.

The good news about Vancouver tech is that we have tremendous variety.You can find just about any work experience in the city.It is most important to talk with people in the companies you are interested in and see if that is what you are looking for.