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Whats the best place to live in Vancouver if my workplace is in Richmond - Parkers Legacy

Whats the best place to live in Vancouver if my workplace is in Richmond

It depends on what you’re looking for in a residence as far as location, what your primary mode of transportation is, and where in Richmond you will be working.If you would like to live near city nightlife, or at least live in Vancouver City proper, and it’s conventient to take the Skytrain to work, then anywhere in Vancouver within a 10-minute walk of the Canada Line would be perfect.You can zip to work and zip home with ease.

Gastown, Yaletown and Chinatown are three locations to check out if you’d like a real Vancouver urban experience, or anywhere downtown west to Thurlow Street.Beyond Thurlow it’ll be a bit of a walk to the Canada Line, but maybe you won’t mind that.If you’re looking for a pretty, quiet location, and you plan on driving to work, why not check out Steveston Village in southwest Richmond.

Why not Richmond itself?It’s multi-ethnic, close to YVR and it’s outlet shopping, close to the ocean, and the river.Visit the piers and fish canneries in the spring for fresh king salmon or visit the turn-of-the 20th century Finnish Shanty town off of 6th road.

If you must live in Metro Vancouver, I would suggest Marpole but don’t buy a detached home there as the city is trying to phase them out in favour higher density condominiums and townhouses.It’s closest to Richmond but the traffic over the bridge to get there is horrible.You may elect to take the Skytrain there instead.

Richmond is best if you work in Richmond.You want to minimize the number of bridges and tunnels you need to pass to get to work.Zero bridges and tunnels is always best in Vancouver.

Richmond obviously.As one of the rules of living in Vancouver is to avoid at all costs having to cross any branch of the Fraser River when commuting to and from work.

You can try Tsawwassen – a super clean, nice and sunny place with beaches, close to ferries.