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Which moving company is best to move from Los Angeles to Vancouver BC - Parkers Legacy

Which moving company is best to move from Los Angeles to Vancouver BC

When I made the same move, I had a U-Pack container delivered to my place in Orange County.A couple friends helped my load it.I did have a lot as I gave away my living room set, second bedroom’s furniture and the dresser in my bedroom.

I also gave away my fridge as apartments in Vancouver come with a fridge.I only filled it about 2/3 full.I took my more expensive electronics, my computer and most of my clothes in my car with me.

The container was taken to a freight yard just across the road from Canada customs at the Pacific Crossing.I got the paperwork for it and took the paperwork to customs and they stamped it.They never even bothered to have a look but I assume they they already had a drug dog check it out.

As the transport fee included some storage time, I then arranged for a storage locker and hired a small local mover to unload the container and we dropped off about half the stuff into a small mini-storage locker and the stuff I really needed at my apartment.Then over the next 4 months I cleared up the storage locker at my leisure.Here is a link and no I do not work for them.

I am merely a satisfied customer.It was less than half the cost of a moving company.In 2010 it was about $1200.

I would expect it to be a bit more now There’s a better way to move I looked at U-Haul but this was overall no more money and far less hassle.If you have too muck stuff you cannot part with you could get a second cube but myself I looked long and hard at some of the furniture I had and I donated a little over half of it.Never missed it after either.