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What is your review of Simon Fraser University

Like everything, there’s some pros and cons.Being a CS student at SFU right now, I am actually enjoying what they have to offer.I can say that the education they provide is sufficient enough to do well on most interviews for the industry you are studying for(or at least for me) and are applicable to what I do at work.

This is assuming that you do attend lecture and try to learn what is taught.As an educational institution, I believe that it covers the basis for an undergraduate degree fairly well.Another trait of SFU that I think is good is that there’s a lot of flexibility to how long you can take to finish your degree.

Some people who want to rush a degree can hypothetically get it done in less than 4 years(and I’ve known people who’ve done it).For myself, I like to take my time, alternating between school and work.SFU is great for including work experience into it’s education.

SFU also allows a lot of freedom when choosing courses.When I started, I didn’t know what I really liked, and enrolled for Criminology.After being able to choose whatever electives I want, I had opportunity to try out different courses like Biology, Philosophy, and eventually CS.

I’ve heard of how other schools don’t really allow students so much freedom on choosing courses and although they may have electives to choose from, there are plans that they have to follow and must take certain courses in a given semester.Yes, there are required courses in SFU, but you are not forced to take them in any given semester(although there are cases where certain pre-requisite courses are offered seasonly and not taking them would result in a delay for graduation) As for the biggest problem at SFU for me is the lack of course availability.There are very few sessions and seats for crucial courses for co-op or to complete your degree, but also a lot of students competing to get in.

To make it worse, the ranking system they have to actually enroll into a course heavily relies on how many credits you have.This means that for most students, they’ll have to take longer than expected if they can’t get into their required course.As for the actual campus, Surrey is locate in a mall near skytrain, so it’s not too hard to get it.

Vancouver campus is also located near skytrain so it’s pretty accessible.Burnaby campus is on a mountain, which has the possibility of being cut off by snow, so that means classes could be cancelled and exams rescheduled.

Good or bad depending on your own term.Regardless, SFU is special enough for you to have a DIFFERENT post-secondary experience.Having three campuses doesn’t seem unusual these days, but how many universities in the world would require you to travel between campuses all the time?

At my time there, I got a triangular route, attending classes in Downtown Vancouver, Surrey, and then on Burnaby Mountain all in the same day.And hey, that’s a normal day for Business, Communications, or some cross-discipline students.So you learn time management, you learn how to study and work under pressure, and you learn how to plan according to transit schedule or driving fast and safe.

In addition, you have the chance to witness sunshine in Downtown and snow on the mountain within couple hours.Isn’t that amazing?In SFU, you have the opportunity to access some not so conventional field of study, including Criminology, Communications, Film Study, and of course, Interactive Arts and Technology.

Those are not something you can find everywhere, and honestly SFU makes them outstanding at least in Canada.Beware though, both the pressure of study and the sci-fic architeture on Burnaby can give you depression.Find a way to deal with it.

I have a good opinion of SFU.It is a solid school with occasional flashes of brilliance in some programs.It is well known across Canada, and has a good reputation.

Some of the top or unique programs where you might prefer SFU over any other school: CriminologyEnvironmental ethicsSocial JusticeThe SFU-Zhejiang University (ZJU) undergraduate Dual Degree Program (DDP) in Computing Science is designed for Canadian and Chinese students to study together as a cohort for two years at ZJU and two years at SFU.The below are two strong programs that I happen to know about — probably there are other departments that are also leaders in their fields.It would depend on your individual requirements Engineering Mechatronics — Mechatronic Systems EngineeringPhysics department is very strong —Simon Fraser University PhysicsIt is a mistake to choose a school based on broad rankings.SFU ranks fairly high, but that doesn’t mean anything unless you look at the strength of the individual program you will be taking.

Also the SFU pipe band consistently ranks very highly in international competitions.

I joined SFU in 1978 as an assistant profession and have loved the University ever since then.Academic standards are very good, comparable to any other university in Canada.Standard, of course depends on the department and the professor, some are better at the national level than the others.

You have to remember that we have teach a wide range of students in academic ability, which can be challenging.Our best and the brightest do as well as anyone else in North America.There is more equality among the students, faculty and staff.

Many of our students who moved to SFU from bigger universities felt more like individuals than in very big universities where they felt part of a herd.Every course has tutorials run by graduate students—teaching assistants (TAs).Many students prefer to go to TAs for help, they find them less intimidating.

In general, a TA and a professor is available for help outside the class.All lectures of larger classes are recorded and available online.Views from the mountains are great.

There are many trails around Burnaby Mountain for exercise.

What are you looking for when you want people’s evaluation on Simon Fraser Univerity?Course Offering?- Not too bad but they have strengths in certain specific courses compared to others.Ease of making friends?

– If you are not starting from freshman year and are transferring in, it’s usually tougher because people would have already formed their cliques.Unless you are really outgoing and take initiatives, its the same for most universities.Location?- Beautiful Vancouver on top of Burnaby Mountain for the main campus.Sports team and their strength?

– Wasn’t active so I can’t comment much.Ease of finding a job after getting a degree from SFU?Professors and their abilities?- Depends, I am sure they have sites that you can find comments and rating on the different profs.Their way of teaching?- Depends on the prof.

Some have strong accents and some are very dry.I’ve been fortunate to have come across some Profs who deliver their classes like a story telling session.Very easy to absorb for my learning style.Ease of commuting between campuses?

SFU on top of picturesque Burnaby Mountain has programs that are globally ranked between 251 and 300, including some signature programs; in comparison, the region’s other major university, UBC, is ranked 37th globally, but it is much older, much bigger, and is far more research oriented.Just to be clear: SFU is a full-scale university with eight faculties.Niagara College is not a university, as you can tell from its motto, “Applied Dreams.” Like other Ontario colleges, it is more vocationally oriented than a university such as nearby Western or Brock.

My experience has been great so far and will recommend SFU anywhere anytime!

Cheap tuition for international students, consistent teaching assistantship opportunities if you are like me who don’t have a research assistantship, bursary every semester – based on income, superb lecturers….

SFU is one of the best universities on the West Coast of Canada.The faculty is wonderful , helpful and caring.Also, the setting on Burnaby Mountain is exquisite and peaceful.

I did a blog post that gives insight into Simon Fraser University’s Big Data program.May be relevant in helping you evaluate SFU.

It is definitely a lot of course load comparing to other universities in Van .It has good programm in Busisness and Comptuter scinece .However ,the space for class enrolment and study is very limited and the average year for undergrad is 5 years

As a university with a center/left mindset… I think it is awesome !

Awesome institution.

Top quality teachers on a beautiful woodland campus on Burnaby Mountain.

Trash school