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Where can I visit in Victoria Vancouver

Victoria and Vancouver are two separate cities, so it depends on which city you are in.Because I live in Victoria, I can only make suggestions for here.In Victoria, you’ll want to go to the Royal BC Museum, the IMAX Theatre, go on a Whale Watching trip with Springtide Tours, and a take a guided pedal bike tour of the city.

Make sure you visit Craigdarroch Castle and Butchart Gardens as well.Eat at Earls Downtown for the perfect steak and stop by Barb’s Fish & Chips while you’re here for the best in the city.Visit Miniature Land in the Empress Hotel and if you can stomach it, got to Bug World as well.

One last place to visit is Beacon Hill Children’s Farm to pet the baby goats!!!It’s fun for the adults and children.

Vancouver (I live here) is a fairly nice city; Victoria (my son lives there) is an unbelievably nice city.The ferry trip between the two is, in itself, beautiful.(In summer, best to have a reservation, though).

It depends on your interests, but if I had only one day with a visitor in each city, I would probably spend it something like this: Vancouver: Mount Seymour, Buntzen Lake.Many other mountains and lakes to choose from.Lynn Valley, QE Park, Spanish Banks/UBC.

Skip Grouse Mountain and Capilano Canyon, they are fun, but $$$ and free alternatives are just as good.If you like boats: the Sea Safari in Horseshoe Bay, on a sunny day, is *awesome*.Victoria: inner harbour (especially the seawall on the Esquimalt side), Cadboro Bay, Mount Tolmie.There’s at least one other mountain (Doug) and a few beaches, also a few lakes.

In general, there is less variety than Vancouver, but what there is, is less crowded, cheaper and less stress.If I had more time I’d seriously consider the 1.5 hour trip to Whistler; it is a bit like a miniature USA in the middle of Canada (minus the guns and rampant social problems), but, it’s beautiful and super-fun.

It depends very much on what your interests are.If you love nature, you can explore the natural beauty of British Columbia by renting a vehicle and driving along the West coast.Otherwise, there are a lot of informations for tourists coming to Victoria and Vancouver.

You can find those tourists’ attractions on the Front Page of Tourism Victoria or Tourism Vancouver – official source of tourist information, things to do, restaurants for Vancouver BC Canada.Welcome you to Victoria – the city of flowers and warm climate.

Vancouver: Stanley Park, Science World, Chinatown and Gastown, The Planetarium, the PNE, Kitselano Beach (or Wreck Beach if you’re more …adventurous).Too many great restaurants, shopping districts, and art galleries to mention.Victoria: Royal BC Museum, the Inner Harbour/Beacon Hill Park, Chinatown, Butchart Gardens, Phillips Brewery (Highly recommended), Willows Beach, and the charming nearby communities of Sidney and Sooke (definitely check out the Sooke Potholes while you’re out there.

In Victoria (where I live) you have all kinds of tourist options.Like Butchart Gardens, and the Royal BC Museum.There are also all kind of parks and wilderness settings to explore, such as Beacon Hill Park and East Sooke Park.

There are also Hatley and Craigdarroch castles.It really depends on what interests you.

In Victoria – the inner harbour, the breakwater, the Provincial Legislature, the lookout at the top of Mount Douglas, Dallas Road, Beacon Hill Park, Uplands, University of Victoria campus, Butchart Gardens – and should there be a cloudy day – the Royal British Columbia Museum.

Hathaway House, Provincial Museum, Parliament Buildings, in Victoria.Also can go whale watching.Stanley Park, UBC Anthropology Museum, Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver.

Thanks for the A2A.It’s been many years since I was in Victoria so am not current one what is there right now, but one absolute must-see is the Butchart Gardens.They are amazing!