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Who has tried renting a car in Vancouver for 2 weeks What company has the best offer - Parkers Legacy

Who has tried renting a car in Vancouver for 2 weeks What company has the best offer

Viola and Ed’s answers are excellent.I travel a lot and so I rent a lot if cars.A few tips: I generally start with the big travel sites (eg Expedia)When I find the best deal, I typically then go to the selected vendors own siteWhy?

Because unlike hotels or airfares, when you book cars on the vendor’s site, you do not pay any deposit and you can cancel any timeOnce you have booked, keep watching for better deals.If you find one, cancel and rebook.Be on the lookout for “clustered” prices.

This is where a vendor has a bunch of sizes at very similar prices (eg compact at $25, mid size at $26, full size at 27).Always book the largest size.Why?

Not because you want the full size, but because then you can negotiate the car you want when you actually show up.If you are taking the car for two weeks, get the lowest-mileage care they have.Consider a mini-van.

Two weeks is not an unusual requirement.All the major car rental companies would have no problem with that.We have Budget, Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, etc.

Lo Cost I think might be local to BC.I’ve used them in Victoria because they will meet you at the airport or marina and take you to their office and car lot.(It seems their Sidney location has closed now.)

They have fewer locations but if they pick you up it doesn’t really matter.You sometimes get a better deal when you lock down the price in advance of your arrival.If you just show up at the airport, you will be paying the highest rate available no matter which company you choose.

I haven’t, however in most cities car rental rates at the airport are much more than they are elsewhere in town.

Vancouver has light rail transit that goes directly to the airport – if you are renting a car for that long, you may want to look into taking transit to where you are staying and then rent a car from there.

I would seriously consider getting around Vancouver without a rented car.The cost of parking is high….if you can find spots.Public transport is really good and for temporary use of a car, look at Car2Go (Hello Vancouver).