VCRs can sometimes eat Tapes.

The perils of a machine that consists of so many moving parts are well known to anyone who lived during the peak of VHS popularity.VCRs were a time bomb if you were getting ready for an old fashioned family movie night.

Humpty Dumpty doesn't have to put an eaten tape back together again.The VCR's appetite led to its own demise as well.Nobody won.Everyone was sad.Movie night was ruined.

What did your VCR do when it decided to go out for a snack?Let's take a look at the hood of a VCR.

There are turning drums, winding mechanisms, and flashing lights inside each VCR.The components make the machine work.There are a lot of opportunities to mangle your tape.If you want to see what the inside of a VCR looks like, this article has some great pictures.It will be used as a base to discuss the three main culprits of tape chowing.

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