Vegetable soup can be made.

A nice warm bowl of vegetable soup is what everyone loves.No matter what the occasion, vegetable soup is satisfying and healthy.The basics of making vegetable soup will be covered in this recipe, but it can be made with any vegetable, so the recipe is completely flexible.You can make vegetable soup if you have about a pound of vegetables you like.Four people will be expected to eat this soup.

Step 1: It was Wash.

Cold water is the best way to rinse vegetables.Vegetables with thick skin can be washed with a vegetable brush.To dry the vegetables, place them on a towel.

Step 2: The potatoes and celery should be cooked.

Use a chef knife that is sharp.Cut the potatoes and celery into cubes by placing them on a cutting board.If you want to do this, you have to make slices all the way across the vegetable that is about 34 of an inch apart.Square dices will be created by this.The dices should all be the same size.The faster the potatoes and celery cook, the smaller the dices are.

Step 3: It's Chop.

You should remove the small string from the ends of green beans with a knife or kitchen scissors.Then, cut them into smaller pieces.To make sure there is at least one cup of chopped green beans, use a measuring cup.Green beans can be replaced with snap peas or thin asparagus stalks.

Step 4: Cut the carrots.

You don't need to peel the carrots before slicing them.Cut the carrot in half.You can slice the carrots down the center.The carrot should be diced into small pieces no more than 12 an inch thick.You can try heirloom carrots.They add a colorful burst of flavor to vegetable soup.If you want to spend less time chopping, buy baby carrots.The baby carrots can be thrown in the soup.Pumpkin can be used as a substitute for carrots since they have the same texture.

Step 5: There was garlic.

If you are using fresh garlic, you will need to peel a few cloves.Remove the skin from the cloves and crush them with a knife.The cloves will be easier to chop.Put the garlic into a pile and chop it again.Continue chopping the garlic until it's all in small pieces.You can use more than three cloves if you like garlic.The garlic is already sold.

Step 6: Take 1 cup of corn kernels and measure them out.

Set aside 1 cup of corn kernels with a measuring cup.This soup can be made with frozen or canned corn kernels.If you want, substitute peas for corn.

Step 7: Put the vegetables in the water.

If you want to make a vegetable soup that doesn't use broth, you can add 3-6 cups of water into a pan and cook it for 45 minutes to 1 hour.At the same time, add the vegetables, garlic, and spices.Choose a heavy-bottomed stockpot if you want to include the 4 cups of vegetable stock.The vegetables may burn if the water is boiled.The soup should be stirred occasionally.The soup is ready to be served when the vegetables are soft.

Step 8: The oil should be in the pan.

To make a quicker vegetable soup, you will need to cook the vegetables.The olive oil will start to bubble.The process will take a long time if the heat is lower and the oil is hotter.If you don't have any of the above, it's acceptable.

Step 9: The seasonings include garlic, carrots, potatoes, and celery.

Continue to cook them for about 8 minutes.They will become fragrant as they begin to cook.About once every minute, stir them.

Step 10: Add all the vegetables.

Green beans, celery, corn, and any other vegetables will be included in the soup.For another 5 minutes, cook the vegetables over low heat.You don't want the vegetables to turn dark brown if they become soft and fragrant.If you want to stir the vegetables, use a long wooden or metal stirring stick.Twice every minute should suffice.If your vegetables start to get very hot, this means they are cooking.If this happens, turn the heat down.If the vegetables are not sizzling, turn the heat up.

Step 11: The diced tomatoes should be added.

Make sure the ingredients are mixing together when you stir the pot.

Step 12: Add some chicken, beef, or vegetable stock.

The heat should be increased to high.The vegetables will cook.Lower the heat if the soup starts to boil.If the soup is boiling, turn the heat down to medium or low.You want the soup to bubble but not to boil.

Step 13: To cook the soup, cook it for 25 to 30 minutes.

If you turned the heat down, it would be a good idea to bring the soup back to a boil.

Step 14: Check that the potatoes and carrots are cooked.

The potatoes and carrots should be soft after a while.If a fork can pass through a chunk of food without stopping, your soup is done.

Step 15: Salt, pepper, and other seasonings can be added.

Stir thoroughly to mix the spices into the soup after you add a bit of each seasoning.To find out if the amount of spices is right for you, take a taste test.In general, start with a small amount of each spice, including salt and pepper.If you want a stronger flavor, add more.It's a lot easier to add spices to a soup than it is to remove them.If you want to season the soup further, you can add more seasonings such as parsley or fresh oregano.Adding dried Italian seasoning blends or poultry seasoning is a good addition.The soup will be spicy because of the spices.

Step 16: Don't forget to serve and enjoy your soup.

The soup will be very hot if you ladle it into bowls.