Vegetables can be grown again.

Vegetables are easy to grow and anyone can grow them.All you need is some time and effort.There is a method of growing vegetables.Most of the time, seeds can grow and die and have a disappointing effect.It's possible to replant a plant from the vegetable itself.

Step 1: If you have a cabbage, lettuce, or leafy green, take it to the store or fridge.

The vegetable's "stump" needs to be cut off.

Step 2: Place the vegetable in the container with the cold water.

The water level should not completely cover the plant.

Step 3: Place in a sunny windowsill

The water should be changed when it is dirty or yellow.One day after the roots have grown, plant the vegetable in the soil.The leaves and base of the vegetable should be exposed to the soil.

Step 4: You can get the vegetables from the grocery store.

Do the same to the onion by cutting off the bottom of it.The onion bottom should be big and round and not a small circle.Get a container and fill it with water.The celery should be placed in the water.The water should not go over the top of the celery.Scoop up some dirt and make a shallow hole for the onion.If you want to push the onion down, place it in a hole above the soil.

Step 5: Wait for growth to happen.

Once the celery is 1 inch tall and has lots of green leaves, plant the whole base in soil and expose the stalks.As soon as green stems appear on your onion, separate the stems.If you have 2 stems, separate them by cutting the onion in half and planting them separately.

Step 6: Cut off the stalks.

Wait until the are long enough to cut them.When the onion's stem falls over, dig it up to eat.

Step 7: You can cut your vegetables.

Measure 1 inch from the top of the vegetable and then cut it.To cut scallions or leeks, measure 3 inches from the roots.

Step 8: Put the vegetable in the container of water.

If there is room without vegetables touching, place them in the same container.

Step 9: The vegetables can be planted.

Wait 1 more day before planting the carrot or radish.When the scallion or leek has a lot of roots, plant it.

Step 10: Wait for the economy to grow.

You can't grow a vegetable.You can grow greens for decorations, salads, or a beautiful houseplant.

Step 11: If you take a garlic clove that has sprouted, roots or not, it is a sprouted garlic.

Step 12: Place the garlic clove in the container of water.

If the garlic is in good shape, it should grow a green sprout in a few days.

Step 13: You should plant the garlic one or two days after the water has dried.

Make sure you can't see the sprout.

Step 14: If the garlic plant starts to die, dig around it and see if it is good for eating.

Don't eat it if it is dug up.Check back a few days later if you don't cover it up.

Step 15: You can find a root ginger, sweet potatoes, or yam.

Step 16: Wait for them to grow.

Pick a ginger root that has buds.Place potatoes in a dark place.Take a healthy yam.

Step 17: yam can be grown with water.

When the ginger buds are green, cut them from the root.Cut the sweet potatoes into pieces.Cut off the half of the yam that has the most buds.Put toothpicks at right angles so the vegetable suspends.

Step 18: Plant.

If you want to plant ginger, make sure that half the top part is visible.The yam should be planted in the soil up to the sprout.

Step 19: You can harvest your veggies.

When the plant is starting to die, ginger is ready to harvest.Allow the ginger to dry after harvesting.When the plants die, sweet potatoes and yams can be taken.