Venison steak should be cooked.

Venison, or deer meat, is one of the most lean and healthiest meats of all time, and it's definitely intense in flavour.It's an excellent ingredient for top-notch dinners despite being pricey at times.There's plenty of room for variations in this easy way of tackling the task.Enjoy.

Step 1: Don't shop hastily.

The best quality venison is available to you.Venison's final taste and benefits are dependent on its origin.When shopping around among hunters in season, ask questions if you can't shoot a deer yourself.If the only produce you can get888-607-ally is from a supermarket, go for the organic variety.Try to get something that is at least half an inch thick.

Step 2: Make something with your food.

When it comes to a game, the marinade is important.Spices and flavours can be found in countries or regions of the world.If you want to give it a traditional flair, you can use about a quarter of each of garlic, shallots, and a very high quality balsamic and not-so- cheap olive oil.The garlic should be cut as small as possible.They should be put in a vinaigrette with a generous pinch of salt and pepper.

Step 3: The meat should be covered with a sauce.

Rub the mixture on the meat.The process of rubbing is not negotiable.

Step 4: It was marinade.

The meat should be in the flavours for about an hour.

Step 5: Prepare to be rare.

People are afraid of eating red meat.Don't be afraid of red juices.When you taste the juices, there is chemistry going on in the mouth.Take advantage of it.

Step 6: Get a hot frying pan or iron grill.

Make it smoke!

Step 7: Slam the steak on the grill and also press it down with a fork.

Black lines that sear the meat and concentrate flavour is what you want.The steaks won't stick to the pan if the marinade is too oily.

Step 8: If you want to sear the other side of the steak, just cook it for less than one minute.

Remove it from the heat.

Step 9: For at least 8 minutes, let the meat rest.

Your meat will look like shoe's soles if you don't.The resting period is important and should not be ignored.If your process was done correctly, you should have a maximum of 1mm thick meat on each side of the steak.The in-between should be red.

Step 10: Don't forget to Enjoy!

Salad and steamed potatoes are great sides for your steaks.