Vernon Dursley is a character from the Harry Potter series.

The information featured in Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells is used in this article.There will beSPOILERS in the article.

The biographical information for Vernon Dursley is as follows: Blood status Muggle, Marital status Widowed or married, Nationality English, Title(s) Director and Hair colour Black.

The father of Dudley and uncle of Harry Potter was an English Muggle named Vernon Dursley.He lived at 4 Privet Drive with his wife and son for twenty years before they were forced into hiding during the Second Wizarding War.Petunia was the sole surviving blood relative of Harry's after his sister and brother-in-law were killed.Petunia and Vernon were accepted as the new legal guardians of Harry Potter by both wizards and Muggle law.They disliked Harry and treated him badly.

Vernon was angry when Harry received a letter from the school of magic.He was a director of the Grunnings drill manufacturing company and a former student of Smeltings Academy.The Order of the Phoenix helped Vernon, Petunia and Dudley hide from Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

Vernon had at least two children through Dudley and his wife.He may have had a better relationship with Harry.James Potter II and Albus Potter are two of Vernon's great-nephews.

Vernon's childhood life is not known.He attended Smeltings Academy as a secondary school and was born into the Muggle Dursley family.Marjorie was Vernon's older sister who made a living breeding bulldogs.[8]

Vernon was a junior executive when he met Petunia Evans.He married Petunia at 4 Privet Drive in Littleging in 1977.Before their wedding, Vernon had taken Petunia on a series of dull dates during which he talked mainly about himself and his predictable ideas on the world.Vernon proposed to Petunia on one knee in his mother's sitting room.His fiancée accepted at the same time.He wasn't aware that Petunia's sister was a witch and was attending the school for seven years.Petunia told him that her sister was a witch after they stopped for a snack.[9]

Vernon and his wife always liked to be normal and never took anything out of the ordinary.He knew that Petunia's sister was a witch.The baby was born on June 23, 1980.Dudley Dursley was spoiled by his parents.[3]

After the murder of the Potters, Vernon saw signs of wizards.Harry was brought to Little Whinging by Albus.Vernon and Petunia were willing to allow him into their home.[3]

Vernon treated Harry badly during his early life.He mistreated and spoiled his own son Dudley while forcing Harry to live in the Cupboard under the stairs.Vernon tried his hardest to stop Harry from knowing about the wizarding world and his true magical heritage, but also ignorantly believed that their harsh treatment of him would prevent his magic from coming to light.Vernon told Harry his parents died in a car crash.On Dudley's birthday, Vernon drove the family to the local zoo and ranted about all the things that annoyed him, motorbikes being the chosen topic.Vernon nearly crashed into the car in front of them when he heard his nephew say that he had a dream about a flying motorbike.He yelled at him again and told him that magic was not a thing.[2]

As more and more letters arrived via Owl post, Vernon tried everything to stop Harry from getting his first letter from Hogwarts, resorting to increasingly desperate measures as the letters entered the house in variously creative ways.The entire family was forced to leave the house on Sunday when a flood of letters came down the chimney.After driving the family several miles away from home, he was surprised to see letters at the Hotel.He took his family to a hut on a small rock on the sea in a final attempt to prevent contact and even bought an illegal firearm as a last resort.Even this did not work because it was found by Rubeus Hagrid, who personally gave Harry the letter, despite Vernon's protests and threatening him with the gun.[13]

Vernon told Harry that his mother and father were freaks and that the world was better off without them, after Hagrid told him how his parents died.Vernon was threatened with his umbrella by Hagrid.Vernon insulted Albus by calling him a "crackpot old fool".This would be a mistake for Vernon, as Hagrid gave a pig tail to Vernon's son, much to the horror of Dursley.[13]

Vernon avoided Harry more than usual after this incident.Vernon reluctantly agreed to take Harry to King's Cross Station to board the Hogwarts Express because it was on the way to the private hospital in London where he would be attending Smeltings.It was [13].

Vernon treated Harry badly, even though he reluctantly gave Harry Dudley's spare room.There are no comments at this time.

Everything went wrong when Vernon had guests over.In 1992 he invited Mr and Mrs Mason to dinner to try and get a deal with Mr Mason about a stock of drills.Harry was forced to stay in his room and pretend he wasn't there.Harry was willing to comply because he didn't want to cause any problems for his uncle.Due to the appearance of Dobby, the deal was ruined when she destroyed Petunia's pudding and the frightening away of Mrs Mason by a Ministry of Magic Owl.Harry was let off with a warning by the Ministry of Magic because they accused him of doing Dobby's levitation of the pudding.After learning that Harry was forbidden to use magic outside of Hogwarts, Vernon locked him up in his room and fitted bars on his window so he wouldn't be able to escape.When Vernon, Petunia and Dudley tried to stop Harry from escaping by pulling him back into his room, they were all left dangling out of his window by the Weasleys.Marge visited in 1993, much to Harry's annoyance.Harry blew Marge up like a balloon when she insulted his parents.Vernon wanted Harry to return her to how she was.She was fixed by the Accidental Magic Reversal squad.After leaving Privet Drive, Harry didn't sign the permission form that he had agreed to sign before Marge's visit.

After learning that his son was too overweight to fit into the school's uniform, Vernon and Petunia decided to put Dudley on a diet.Dudley threw his PS3 out of a window after he was threatened that he would cut his pocket money if he didn't stop sneaking in sweets.When Molly Weasley sent an invitation to the family inviting Harry to attend the 1994 Quidditch World Cup with them, Vernon angrily asked his nephew about the letter as the postman found it funny.After Harry explained, he yelled at him, but eventually decided that his nephew could go.He and Petunia were not comfortable with the idea of wizards visiting their home.When the Weasleys came to pick up Harry by the Floo Network and accidentally destroyed their living room due to them trying to travel into their electric fireplace, Vernon became very intimidated in the presence of actual wizards.When the Weasleys left, Dudley ate a Ton-Tongue, causing his tongue to swell.It was four feet long before Vernon and Petunia let Arthur shrink Dudley's swollen tongue, after Vernon threw several china ornaments at Mr. Weasley, all the time bellowing like an injured Hippopotamus.[19]

In 1995 Vernon, Petunia and Dudley were made aware that Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters had returned to wreak havoc again.Vernon and Petunia thought that Harry was up to no good because he was so attentive to the Muggle news.He and his wife were unaware that Dudley was tormenting the neighbourhood with his gang, engaging in anti-social behavior and bully younger children, instead of just going round his friends' houses for tea.Dudley was attacked by Dementors and had to be saved by Harry.Vernon thought that Harry had attacked Dudley.He was angry with his nephew because he thought he had caused permanent brain damage to his son, and that he should face the death penalty.When Harry told Vernon that he had saved Dudley from the Dementors, Vernon threw him out of the house because he didn't want Harry to stay.He was forced to stay by Petunia due to the fact that she had just received an angry Howler from Albus, telling her to keep their promise of protecting Harry.Vernon was happy that Harry would be punished by the Ministry because of the letter from Mafalda Hopkirk.He locked Harry in his room for several days and left with his wife and son to accept an award for the best kept lawn in England.The Dursleys were sent an invitation to a fake awards ceremony in order to get them out of their house.Harry was accompanied by a group of other wizards.It was highly likely that Vernon was angry at being fooled.

During the summer of 1996, Albus Dumbledore came to Vernon and his family's house to inform them of the will of Sirius Black.Vernon was horrified by the sudden arrival of the wizard, due to his hatred and fear of wizards.When he heard that Harry had inherited 12 Grimmauld Place, Vernon was very interested.The drinks emptied themselves over the family's heads because they were too fearful to drink them.Vernon was horrified when he saw a House-elf in his living room.Vernon and Petunia were reprimanded by Dumbledore for abusing Harry growing up and for ruining Dudley, which caused irrevocable emotional damage to their son, before he left with Harry.[23]

The Order of the Phoenix placed Petunia, Dudley, and Vernon under the protection of Dedalus Diggle and Hestia Jones as it was believed that once Harry Potter turned seventeen, he would track down all of his family.Vernon did not care what would happen to Harry and it was Dudley who brought up the issue, though Vernon said little to him.[6]

Harry was left alone on his quest after the Dursleys were driven off into the distance.Petunia and Dudley were very fond of Harry as they parted ways.Vernon was going to shake Harry's hand.He didn't do it at the last second because of his dislike of both Harry and magic.He left as quickly as possible, hoping to save himself from what he only knew to be a very bad and powerful wizard, Lord Voldemort.[6]

Vernon had some children by Dudley.It is not known if he remained in contact with his nephew, if only on Christmas-card terms, like Dudley did.It's not known if Vernon returned to his home at 4 Privet Drive or if he stayed where he'd been hiding during the Second Wizarding War.

Vernon paid for a television licence because he signed an online petition to get Jeremy Clarkson back as host of Top Gear.[25]

Petunia died at some point before 2020.It's not known if Vernon was still alive by this point.

Vernon was described as a big man with a large purple face.He had thick, dark hair, a bushy black moustache, and barely any neck and eyes that narrowed to slit when he was angry.Dudley was very similar to him apart from his blond hair.

Vernon was known for his physical reactions to magic and for failing to control his temper.His temple would throb with a vein in the case of the latter.His face would change from a sickly grey to various shades of purple.His face looked like a "gigantic beetroot with a moustache."

Vernon was a bully who was very fond of people who were different from him.He hated magic and anything out of the ordinary, which he called "funny business" in 1981.He hated his nephew Harry because he was a symbol of both the wizard and the man.After Harry discovered that he was a wizard, Vernon forced him to sleep in a cupboard under the stairs and banned him from saying "magic" or "wizard" inside the house.[15]

Vernon was a bully towards Harry as well as being vain, materialistic and unsympathetic to beggars and vagrants.He used to judge people based on how big their cars were and their clothes were.He enjoyed ordering around his employees at Grunnings and sitting above them in a high office on the ninth floor.Vernon was intimidated by certain people because he was not used to dealing with them.).

When he asked Harry if he looked stupid to him when he became annoyed with him, he had a fried egg sticking to his moustache.Vernon mumbled sometimes when he was angry.[13]

He was shown to be very conservative in his political views when he read the Daily Mail.He seemed to think that the UK was going to the dogs.The Daily Mail has a popular editorial stance.He advocated the death penalty, especially for murder, after seeing a mug shot of Sirius Black, showing his harsh view of criminal justice.

Vernon liked to complain about things that didn't fit in with his narrow-minded views of the world and his favourite subjects included people at work, the council, motorbikes, as well as most of all: Harry.He showed his disdain to Harry with nasty smiles and he was not afraid of physical confrontations, going as far as wrestling with his son, Dudley, to seize Harry's Hogwarts acceptance letter.When he heard about the "vanishing glass" incident at the zoo, he became angry and received brandy from his wife.Vernon showed himself to be a Coward when confronted by those he could not bully or intimidate, as shown by his terrified reaction when Hagrid confronted him after learning that he had not told Harry.Vernon wanted to stamp the wizarding rubbish out of Harry.He was scared by Alastor Moody when he confronted him over his treatment of Harry, and would back down whenever Harry threatened him with magic.[8]

Vernon married Petunia Evans after meeting her at work and learning of the wizarding world through her.Vernon told Petunia that he wouldn't hold it against her that she had a freak for a sister.Petunia threw herself upon him and he dropped his sausage.They did everything they could to keep Harry from learning the truth about his heritage and abilities and being bossed by them.They spent a lot of time with their only son, Dudley.[11]

The way Vernon and his wife treated Dudley was similar to the way they treated Harry.Vernon and Petunia may have contributed to their son's weight gain before Harry was introduced to the household.

Vernon showed pride in his son and some of his characteristics were seen as manly.Vernon was forced to join the family's regime after the school nurse convinced him to diet because he was very large and similar to Dudley.He believed Dudley gave the Dementors the "ol' one-two" when they attacked him in 1995 because of his enforced exercise and diet.He was unaware that Dudley used his new skills to frighten children.[20]

Vernon thought Harry was a waste of space.He tried to keep Harry down as much as possible in order to squash the magic he had.He was afraid that anyone would find out about Harry's abnormality.Vernon referred to Harry as "you" and "the boy" in conversation and directly.When Harry used words such as "magic" or "broomstick" in the house, Vernon would have a tendency to throw fits.Both guests and neighbours believed Vernon's explanation that Harry went to a secure centre rather than the local comprehensive.Vernon told Mr Mason and his wife that Harry was upset when he explained his sudden presence in the house.[16]

Vernon felt nothing towards his nephew, even though Petunia felt a moral obligation to let Harry stay.He knew that throwing him out of the house would endanger his life.Petunia was reminded of the agreement she made when they took in Harry.Vernon admitted that he hoped that Harry would get the death penalty when he was forced to go to court.Despite his dislike of Harry, he would still go to King's Cross Station to get him from the Hogwarts Express at the end of the school year.There are 28 and 30 days.

Vernon became an uncle-in-law to Ginevra Weasley and a great-uncle to Harry and Ginny's children.

James Potter and Vernon Dursley met for the first time.Vernon patronised James and offended him by saying that wizards had to live on unemployment benefit, after Vernon asked James what car he drove.After hearing from the wizard that he had a fortune in gold, he became angry and left the restaurant where they had met with their wives.Vernon described James as "some kind of amateur magician" after he refused to talk with him.[9]

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