Video can be uploaded from a computer, a mobile device and a classic support video.

Click the first file list­ed, then press and holdShift on your key­board, and click the last file you want uploaded.

All video files need to be uploaded in the cor­rect order.If the files are out of order, drag them into the cor­rect order or choose a different way to order them.

If you want to add video to this event, double check that all video files are listed.

A progress bar will appear as soon as the upload starts.Use the options on the right to add details while you wait.

Click Add a scheduled event if you'd like to tie your video to it.If you don't want the video tied to a schedule entry, click None.

To share with athletes or groups, click the box under Share With Others.You can narrow your search by typing in the name of the group you are looking for.

Click Video to head to your library to watch the film once the upload is complete.

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