Video games are good for eye-hand coordination. Do video games help with hand-eye coordination?

There are benefits to playing video games.Experience of playing video games can improve cognitive development such as better eye-to-hand coordination and superior memory.

Millions of people play real-time strategy video games such as Age of Empires.There are a lot of demands on the brain of the players in these games.

The study found that expert players of real-time strategy games have faster information processing, more cognitive power to individual visual stimuli, and less cognitive resources between stimuli.

According to the findings in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, playing such games can cause long-term changes in the brain.

The aim was to evaluate the long-term effect of experience with action real-time strategy games on temporal visual selective attention.

We wanted to reveal the time course of cognitive processes during the attentional blink task, a typical task used by neuroscientists.

38 healthy young male students from the University of Electronic Science and Technology were selected to participate in the study.

The League of Legend game was played by half of the volunteers.The others had less than six months of playing the same game.

All volunteers were seated in front of a screen and tested in a blink task, which is the tendency of focused observers to 'blink' if it appears so quickly after a previous stimuli that cognitive processing of the first hasn't finished.

When one of the two targets appeared on the screen, the less frequently a volunteer would press the correct button.

League of Legend players performed better than beginners in the task.The experts were less prone to the blink effect, detecting targets more accurately and faster, and as shown by their stronger P3b, gave more attentional cognitive resources to each target.

The author said that long-term experience of action real-time strategy games leads to improvements in temporal visual selective attention.

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