Vintage Kenmore Oven In Stockmanufacture date of kenmore range, Shop Your Way: Online, How to Find a Model Number on a Kenmore Stove

To find the model number, you may have to check a few spots on your stove.The identification plate can be found on the Kenmore stove.The search won't take long if you start with the most accessible areas.In case of a product recall, keep your model number on hand for ordering parts, a replacement owner's manual, requesting service or for verification.

You can open the oven door.The door frame has a model number tag.The digits or letters are on the tag."MOD" is the model number.

If your stove has a range drawer, open it.The door frame has a tag next to it.

There are items on the top of the stove.If your stove top lifts, lift the cooktop.Lift up the sides near the front.If the right location is on your stove, the model number tag will be visible on the area below the burners.When you lower the stove, keep your fingers clear.

Take a picture of the model number tag on your electronic device.You can keep the picutre with your appliance information or repair phone numbers.

A range is usually called a stove on parts sites.You can find parts for your stove by looking under range.

The Sears website has staff available to answer questions if your model number plate is missing or doesn't work in a parts search.

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