Volleyball Court Beach Sand is low priced and can be used in volleyball courts.

For the past 20 years, we've been building beach volleyball courts.We manufacture long lasting equipment here in the United States and teach homeowners and contractors how to properly drain courts.In the past it has been disappointing to build volleyball courts with great equipment in perfect settings and end up with bad sand.

We were asked where to find good volleyball sand year after year.We used to have you call around and ask for washed masonry sand.This answer has been proven to be the wrong answer many times.When you call a local sand and gravel company, they will tell you if they have something or if it's what they've sold in the past.They get to sell a product with no return policy because they are in the business of selling sand.It's rare to speak to someone who sells sand and gravel.They don't know if the sand they sell is good for volleyball.

The sand on the beach is difficult to find and unpleasant to play in.

For us to confirm that a sand is good to play volleyball in, we constantly evaluate sands we'vesourced throughout the United States to provide the best product closest to your location.Mother nature only makes so much and it can change depending on how much material is being removed for other projects.We tried to provide the best sand to play volleyball in at the lowest price by reviewing 25-50 sands in popular markets.It is more difficult to find good volleyball sand in certain parts of the United States and we feel our research and experience is well worth the years you will play volleyball on your court.

We have exclusive relationships with sand plants throughout the United States to make volleyball sand for us to resell to our customers.Most of our customers request 100 to 200 tons for their court projects, and we make thousands of tons at a time.Since the volume is too low, a single customer can't request a sand plant to make ideal sand.

We also offer a Sand Sieve Report for sand that you may have found on your own.You can send us up to 5 samples for us to process.A comparison of popular beach volleyball locations around the United States will be included in these SSR's.

Since sand is very heavy and expensive to ship back and forth many of our court construction customers have loved this reporting process giving them piece of mind that the sand they have found will work for years and years for them.Many sand plant managers value the reports for their future confidence in selling their product to other customers.

The sand is usually full of dust and pebbles.Most companies don't screen out larger rocks or particles of dust from Masonry sand.Many courts built with Masonry sand have 10% pea gravel content.The courts built with this bad sand will be dusty and will cut your feet, knees and elbows.Finding sand without these issues has been difficult.We do a lot of screening sand to compliment the equipment we sell.

The fried egg test requires golf sand to pass.If a golf ball hits the sand it will only submerge half of the ball.This is the opposite of what you want.You want your body to sink in the sand.Replacing a golf ball for a knee cap or elbow with a fried egg test results in a broken bone, a torn rotator cuff, and other injuries.

Play Sand is designed to be played with by little kids and is sold at a lower price.They don't remove the dust to keep the price low.It has a lot of dust when you start playing volleyball in it.

We start with sand currently in use at popular spots around the country like Manhattan Beach, Santa Barbara, Ft. Myers, etc... and make or resell volleyball sands in major metropolitan areas to closely match these beach sands just like Mother Nature did.Masonry Sand is more expensive than it is because it requires people to spin the dust out of the sand and remove small pebbles from your skin.It takes a long time for a sand plant to screen out the small rocks and pebbles that make up a volleyball court.

A homeowner can't ask a sand plant to make sand for volleyball.Sand companies want to make a few hundred tons of volleyball sand.Since we build so many courts around the country we can pay them to do this and then sell the sand to the volleyball marketplace in need of this product.

We are the only company in the world currently manufacturing equipment and volleyball sand to help build courts for universities, resorts, companies, homeowners, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts with everyone having a different budget.If you are trying to build a court within a certain budget, please feel free to ask us to work in reverse if you reach out to us first.If you need pricing, please call us.

The volleyball sand is ready to be delivered.The color of the sand is determined by the site.

Signing a Sand Reception Agreement is required if you decide to purchase through Volleyball USA.We don't own the companies that deliver the sand because we work hard to source the best sand for our customers.

To better understand the process of sand delivery, we want you to type your name at the base of the agreement and send it back to us with the text, "I agree to the terms of your Sand Reception Agreement."Whether you purchase sand through us or another company, these conditions exist.

Sand is heavy.Sand can break down when equipment is used to process it.Many sand plants run 2 hour shifts and designate an entire 8 hour shift for daily repairs and maintenance.In the trucking world, asphalt jobs take priority.If an asphalt job becomes urgent or a prior job runs long, we have experienced last minute cancellation of trucking jobs.

Before we schedule the delivery of sand, we need you to approve a sand sample.If you decline to see a sample you are agreeing to take the sand when it is delivered.

Before each load is poured onto your court, we want you to see the sand in the truck.It is easier to fix incorrect product at plants if the sand stays in the truck and is not poured out.You should look for excessive dust, rocks, gravel, and other debris in your volleyball sand.We can work with the trucking company to correct the mistake if the sand doesn't match the sample.Most sand and gravel customers won't make this request.The quality of the sand is more important than most other customers care about.

Sand can be delivered in a prep area with a flexible delivery schedule.Sand can be installed in your court after complete delivery.If you pay for a tractor or labor by the hour, you are not going to be hit with additional costs from outside companies if there is a delay.We have no control over delays caused by a plant or a truck, so we won't be responsible for covering any costs.

A $500 fee will be charged and forwarded to the trucking company if you cancel a delivery within 48 hours.The fee is due to the fact that it is common for the truck drivers to not be able to get other work as they have set aside time for your job.Many customers change their minds at the last minute.We don't think it's fair for truck drivers to miss out on paid work because of a delivery delayThey should be respectful of their time and not make last minute cancellation.

VolleyballUSA.com has worked with our school for several years and each time I am more impressed with their products and customer service.After five years, each outdoor volleyball system we have purchased remain in perfect condition and we routinely receive praise on the quality of our volleyball facilities.We look for opportunities to do business through VolleyballUSA.com because their customer care is the best out of any company we work with.There is no other place I would go for volleyball equipment.

Thank you to everyone at VolleyballUSA.com.We love our courts.The Bazooka Net System is great.I would like to thank the help we received through the ordering process.We couldn't have done it without you.

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