Volleyball is a sport that can be played like a star.

Volleyball is the most fun sport in the world.We can't help but think "I want to be a star like them" when watching the pros play.You can with hard work. Step 1: Continue to have a good attitude. Step 2: Don't complain at practice. The coach knows what they're doing.If you feel like your legs are about to fall off, keep doing it.After all of the pain it will get easier and pay off in the long run. Step 3: It's practice, practice. You can practice at your house by hitting on the wall.You can practice blocking by randomly doing your approach and jumping high.Put your all into practice, and give your best effort. Step 4: It's a position. You need to squat until it looks like you're sitting down.Put your butt out so it goes past your heels.Your posture is correct! Step 5: They have hands and arms. With your dominant hand, make a fist.Place your hand around that one.Keep your thumbs parallel to one another.Take your arms out.Feel the smooth part of your forearms.The ball will make contact here. Step 6: How to do a move. This is one of the most important moves in volleyball.Put your feet together with the ball.Take a step forward, hit the ball with your arms, or platform, when it is close to you.Don't lunge.If you want to target, use your legs to push up and out.Don't swing your arms more than 2 inches.It may sting if you pass.To keep from stinging, simply shrug your shoulders when you hit the ball. Step 7: It's a position. You will need to lean forward a bit to set.You should bend your knees a bit.You should be ready to push up and get your legs straight. Step 8: There are hands and arms. Place your elbow at an angle.Put your thumb and index fingers next to each other.The spade-type space should be between.Place hands close to the forehead. Step 9: This move is how to do it. Your knees and limbs are bent over.When the ball arrives, move it up and down.Push off from your legs.This move is very difficult for some, so don't worry if you cannot do it!You need to practice setting more than others if you play an important role. Step 10: It's a position. There are many positions in this move.The non-dominant foot front is at the 10 foot line.Say you are right handed.Take your right foot back and your left front.Go left and then right.As you bend, swing your arms up.You have to use your legs and knees for power. Step 11: There are hands and arms. If you jump to hit, swing your arms up.As you finish, swing your arm through like a crane.The ball should hit the floor if you snap your wrist as you hit it. Step 12: Do this move. You should do this.Move left, right, and scoop. Step 13: There is a position. As you serve underhand, crouch down as if you were going to hit something.You should have your right foot in front of the left.Don't stand up straight. Step 14: There are hands and arms. Say you are right handed.In front of you, hold the ball in your left hand.To hit the patch, pick the ball.Make a fist with your right hand.If you want to propel your arm forward, swing it back to shoulder height.Some people prefer to hit it on the part of their arm where they bumped it, but it doesn't give as much power.Do what works best for you. Step 15: This is a move. Aim, and propel.That was easy, right?Make sure you don't bounce, throw the ball, then hit it.You just have to hold onto it. Step 16: It's a position. It is an easy four step piece to overhand serve.You need to have your left foot in front of the right foot.The next section contains the rest. Step 17: They have hands and arms. The first step is to have your left foot forward.The ball should be in front of you at chest height.Step 2 is to bring back your right arm.Keeping your left arm straight, toss the ball up over your head.Not so much you can't reach it, toss it a little bit forward.As you step, hit the ball with your right leg.Some coaches don't allow their team to do it with their fist, so if you're not strong, use your fist. Step 18: There is a position for it. .It is very easy to block.Blockers should be ready to jump up.You should be half an arm's length away from the net.Go and watch the ball.Follow the steps when you are in the air. Step 19: They have hands and arms. You can get height by swinging your arms up.Hold your arms straight.When the ball comes over, keep your hands straight with your palms.Even if you aren't as tall as the net, just getting a glimpse of an emerging body will scare them and throw the opposing team off.Even if it's just abump, do this every time. Step 20: Do this move. Keep your hands above your shoulders.After you jump, hold the ball against the net with your hands.The ball can go past your fingers if they are not stiff. Step 21: It's a position. If you have good reflexes, you can save a ball from the net.If you can't get to it in time, run and penguin slide to the ball in the middle of the net.You should never slide on your knee pads. Step 22: There are hands and arms. Not until the last second is when you should set up.Then, hit. Step 23: Do this move. The ball hit the net.Run, slide, and collide.If you can get another teammate to hit over, that would be great.Bring your arms farther back (like a miniature swing of the arms), or arching your back as you make contact with the ball. Step 24: It's too close to the net for you to spike when your Setter sets the ball. Step 25: Your shoulders are aligned to the net as you turn sideways. Step 26: It would be similar to hitting a ball from the side. Lift up a lot more than out. Step 27: There is a jump rope. Step 28: The end of the room is about the size of a volleyball court. 20 more times to jump rope. Step 29: Do 10 push ups. There are 30 jumping jacks.Jump rope 20 times.

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