Vomit can be smelled in a carpet.

It's time to get that smell out of the carpet if your friends took too many drinks or your toddler had his first taste of dinner in reverse.We'll show you a few methods that won't help you forget what you've seen and smelled. Step 1: The area should be soaked in water. If you allow excess water to get into other areas of the carpet, it will spread the stain and make it hard to remove it.Remove any solid bits that may be left over.How to Clean Vomit out of Carpet is an article about getting rid of vomit stains.We will focus on the smell for now. Step 2: Use a stiff-bristled cleaning brush to brush a small amount of laundry detergent into the carpet. If you're worried about your carpet, you can add water to it.If your carpet is white, you don't want to risk making the stain worse.It may seem like it's getting stronger at first.It's getting wet, rising to the surface, and escaping.Don't freak out yet! Step 3: The soapy water can be vacuumed out with a shop vacuum or wet/dry vacuum. You can soak the liquid with a dry towel if you don't have a vacuum.A wet-vac will be more efficient than a towel, but it may take an hour or two for the towel to absorb everything. Step 4: Wet the carpet again to clean it of soap. Lift the soap to the top if it becomes entrenched in the fibers.The soap may have to be removed multiple times.There is a chance that soap will get left in the carpet.This step may prevent your carpet from returning to good-as-new. Step 5: Allow the area to dry after vacuuming to remove excess water. You don't know what the carpet will look like until it's completely dry.If the smell persists, give it a bit of time and try other methods.It might be a waiting game. Step 6: If you want, finish with Febreze. If you can have good smells, why don't you?If you want to seal the deal, spray Febreze over the area. Step 7: The area should be washed with a watered down detergent solution. If you want to make a solution that's safe for all types of carpet, use 1 part detergent to 2 parts water.Using a bristled brush, gently scrub the detergent into the stain, making sure to get the edges as well as the inside. Step 8: Absorb the liquid with a towel. Or use your vac.If you only have a towel, apply it to the stain.Continue applying pressure until the towel has soaked up everything. Step 9: Allow the area to be wet with an enzymatic cleaner. This type of cleaner can be found in almost any cleaning aisle or pet products, and it will say something along the lines of, "Blasts away bad smells!"Kids 'n Pets and Nature's Miracle are examples.They can help with odors and stains.Give it time to take hold and leave it on for a few hours.We mean wet when we say it.Thoroughly saturated.Don't worry about rationing the bottle in the future.The entire area should be soaked. Step 10: Liquid can be vacuumed up or absorbed with a towel. You can dry the area with a towel or wet/dry vacuum.If you're using a towel, be patient.It may take an hour or so to dry the area. Step 11: Allow to dry off. That's normal if the smell is still there.It probably won't go away until the area is completely dry.Come back in the morning and it will be puke free. Step 12: Baking soda and water can be made into a paste. It should be a consistency.You can also add a drop or two of dish detergent.peroxide can stain your carpet, so be careful.To apply a thin layer to the entire stain, you need to make as much as you can.It doesn't need to be thick or dense, just thinly and evenly spread. Step 13: There is a layer of paste. If you're in a tight spot, use an old toothbrush to brush it in.Sometimes the ring of the stain is the hardest to treat area, so make sure to get the edges as well as the inside. Step 14: Pull it up after 24 hours. It has been dried, hardened, and is ready to fight.If the smell goes with it, take a butter knife and get what you can. Step 15: The rest should be vacuumed up. You will need to vacuum up what you can't get with your hands.The smell is gone if it all comes up well.If not, vacuum the area and wet it with a damp cloth.That should do it!To cover your bases, Febreze the area.Wait until the smell is completely dry before making any conclusions.The smell of wet carpet can be very bad, but it can disappear when dry. Step 16: It is possible to make a solution of water and vinegar. If you're out of other cleaners, you can use vinegar and window cleaners.Work with 2 parts water to 1 part cleaner.Adding a drop or two of dish soap or laundry detergent to the mix will add odor-fighting power. Step 17: The area should be wet and scrubbed. Use a brush or sponge to scrub the area.The smells will go away in time if you use vinegar. Step 18: Let it go. Walk away if you are sure you have gotten the entire area.You've done everything you can.Take action on those smells for an hour or two. Step 19: It needs to be vacuumed up. It's time to vacuum it up after it starts drying.You can soak the liquid with a dry towel if that's not an option.Applying pressure will force the liquid into the towel.Take a damp cloth and gently clean the area.After taking a dry cloth, resume the process as usual.Trust that the smell will go away when it dries. Step 20: Finished.