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Momenteel hebben onze online services.Onze excuses het eventuele.

The online services have been temporarily shut down.We apologize for any trouble this may cause you.

Nicotine die verslavend is.Personen jonger, personen die allergisch, and vrouwen die borstvoeding are gebruik door.Voor bereik van kinderen.

B.A.T.The Netherlands.Handelsweg 53-A, 1181 ZA, Amstelveen is in the Netherlands.NL803799986B01.BAT UK limited distributed it.

General terms and conditions from Vype can be found in the Account: a user profile for a Customer on the Website.

B.A.T.The address is Handelsweg 53A, 1181 ZA Amstelveen and the email is

Account: gebruikersprofiel van de Klant, Algemene Voorwaarden, and Bestelling.Dutch statutair gevestigd te Amstelveen, aan de Handelsweg 53A.

B.A.T.Handelsweg 53A, 1181 ZA Amstelveen Postbus: 246 E-mailadres:

There is a legal guarantee on B.A.T.There are products in Nederland.Consumers have the right to receive a sound and reliable product.The expected life-span of the product under normal use is what determines the statutory warranty's length.

If the statutory warranty still applies, consumers are entitled to a product replacement or a reparation of the product.Legal warranty does not apply in cases of normal wear and tear, if the product is not properly maintained or if it has been damaged by the user.

You need to contact the place where the product was purchased in order to invoke the statutory warranty.

Producten van B.A.T.Hebben consumenten wettelijke garantie.Hebben op de deugdelijk product in wettelijke garantie.Het betreffende product is a duur van wettelijke garantie.

In het geval van ondeugdelijk product, hebben consumenten.Het product door eigen schuld kapot is gegaan of bescha.

Het betreffende product is gekocht.

We are at B.A.T.We do everything we can to minimize our impact on the environment and adhere to the regulations regarding electrical waste and electronic equipment with regards to all our products.As an electronic cigarette distributor, we have an obligation to ensure that the amount of electrical products sent to landfills is reduced.If you purchase a product from us, you have the right to return any used e-cigarette that you don't like, and we will make sure that it is removed and not end up in a landfill.If you purchase an electronic device from our website, we will recycle it free of charge.You can return your product to the address stated below.

When not handled properly, electrical waste and electronic equipment can contain hazardous substances that can damage the environment and the human health.There is a Directive drawn up to improve the management and recovery of the EWEE.The directive establishes the recycling and recovery tasks for WEEE and requires that manufacturers and retailers assist in the collection of the EWEE for recovery and recycling purposes.

The fee for safe collection and recycling of electrical waste products is paid by manufacturers.The electrical waste and electronic equipment regulation was implemented in the Netherlands.B.A.T.WeCycle is affiliated with Nederland to make sure that they meet their obligations.

European member states are obliged to reduce the amount of waste that gets thrown away.The goal of the EWEE directive is to decrease the amount of electric goods that are sent to the landfills and to ensure that all recycled products get collected and reused.

The improvement of the EWEE depends on end consumers.Electric and electronic goods are now marked with an icon of a garbage bin with a line across it indicating that they should be collected separately to be recycled and reuse.Contact your local government for information about other public collection or recycling facilities if you want to dispose of your e-cigarette.

We doen er alles aan onze impact.We hebben dat de hoeveelheid elektrische producten die naar.Het device is veilig verwijderen en is ons terug te brengen.Het aanschaf van elektrische device is onze website.Ik terugsturen naar het onderstaande adres.

Op de juiste manier worden tot schade aan is gedankte.Het beheer is opgesteld in de Europese WEEE-richtlijn.De richtlijn is recycling en terugwinnings taken by AEEA vast en vereist.

Het jaarlijkse is vergoeding in het veilig verzamelen.De Europese WEEE-richtlijn is located in the Netherlands.B.A.T.Hoofde van de WEEE Richtlijn te voldoen is aangesloten.

Alle Europese lidstaten is verplicht.De hoeveelheid beschikbare stortplaatsruimte in Europe.

Het herstel van AEEA was spelen by Eindgebruikers.Het product is afval mag word.Het bovenstaande beleid ten aanzien van teruggewonnen producten of neem contact.

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British American Tobacco International (Holdings) B.V. is van en gexploiteerd wordt door

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Voor het plaatsen van dergelijke andere cookies die.Wanneer is onze Website, helemaal cookietool, tonen, andere eerste keer bezoekt.

BAT cookies gebruikt zoals beschreven in het cookiebeleid.

Intrekken in het cookieoverzicht in de website op cookie-instellingen te klikken.In sectie 5, cookies beschreven in the browser.

Het gebruik van cookies door BAT, tot de verwerking van persoonsgegevens.Privacyverklaring is onze.

Cookies (of andere soortgelijke technologien zoals pixels/bakens) are used to store information on a computer's hardware.

Het woord "cookies" in alle soorten bestanden, die op deze manier.

Het woord "cookies" in his beleid, in uw toestemming, andere manieren van automatische gegevensverzameling.Het woord "cookies" over the internet.

Cookies are door BAT.BAT worden "first party" cookies genoemd.

"Permanente cookies" are the soorten cookies, "sessiecookies" and "tijdelijke cookies".Aan onze Website is gekoppeld aan het huidige bezoek.De permanente cookies worden op uw apparaat opgeslagen.Aan de Website vernieuwd bezoek a persistent cookie.

Noodzakelijke cookies die op uw browser worden ingesteld.

Doorgaans alleen geplaatst naar aanleiding van door u verrichte handelingen.Deze cookies worden geblokkeerd of dat, en sommige delen van de site.

Bezoeken en verkeersbronnen te tellen, zodat de prestaties van onze site.Zij helpen ons te weten we paginalke's het populairst.Alle cookies are the samengevoegd.Als cookies toestaat, weten bezocht onze site, hebben de prestaties ervan.

Voor de Website wordt geplaatst, meer lezen over cookies in het cookieoverzicht.

BAT cookies are allen tijde in a web browser.Het moet doen, hangt af van de browser.Alle browsers have cookies in them.

In de Website op "cookie-instellingen" te klikken.In deze tool, welke cookies toestaat en ook de cookies verwijderen.

Alle functies of diensten die op deze Website beschikbaar.

U contact met ons op via onze contactgegevens in het gedeelte.

The Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands has a VAT Identification Number.

KvK-nummer is located in the Netherlands.

Keep children away from you.If it happens, rinse mouth.If you come into contact with skin, rinse it off with soap and water.If you feel unwell, call a doctor or prison center.In compliance with national and local regulation, dispose of contents.

BUITEN HET BEREIK.NA INSLIKKEN: De mond spoelen.Met veel water en wassen.There is a documentary about the arts.In overeenstemming met de nationale en afvalvoorschriften.

British American Tobacco International processes your personal information as a data controller when you visit our website.

British American Tobacco International (Holdings) B.V. Handelsweg 53A, 1181 ZA Amstelveen Company Number is responsible for processing your personal information.

When you visit our website, you will find information about how BAT processes your data.

BAT processes your data when you visit our websites by setting cookies that collect personal data about you for the purpose of collecting statistics on the use of our website.If you have given your consent, BAT only uses non necessary cookies.You can always withdraw or change your consent by blocking cookies in your browser or by contacting us.You can see more about BAT's use of cookies, including how to uninstall and block them, in our cookie overview and policy, and you can also contact us if you want to withdraw your consent.

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Each cookie that is being set on our websites affects the retention periods.The retention period in our cookie policy can be read here.

We may transfer personal data to countries outside the EU/EEA.The legal basis for such transfers will be listed below.

If processing of your personal information is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw it at any time.The lawfulness of the processing will not be affected by your withdrawal.You can withdraw your consent by contacting us.Please see our cookie overview and policy if you wish to withdraw your consent.

You can exercise your rights by contacting us at may be restrictions on these rights.Depending on the circumstances of the processing activity, it is not certain if you have the right to data portability.

You can lodge a complaint with the local data protection authority.

British American Tobacco International (Holdings) B.V. is de privacyverklaring legt.

British American Tobacco International (Holdings) B.V. Handelsweg 53A is located at 1181 ZA Amstelveen Ondernemingsn.

In onderstaand, vindt you informatie over hoe BAT, persoonsgegevens, and onze website.

The websites bezoekt door cookies in te stellen die persoonsgegevens.BAT je daarvoor toestemming hebt gegeven.Het cookie-overzicht te verwijderen of door contact met ons op te nemen.

Lees meer over het gebruik van cookies door BAT inclusief.

Onze website en technische informatie over uw bezoek, inclusief details, and verkeersgegevens.Verder is de toestemming.

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