Walgreens can transfer prescriptions to another Walgreens in 3 easy steps.

Click to see the full answer.Is it possible to transfer a prescription from one Walgreens to another?

Since they can pull up your information, you will be able to drop off your prescription or refill it at that pharmacy.If you drop off your prescription at one Walgreens, you won't be able to pick it up at another Walgreens.

Is it possible for a pharmacy to mail prescriptions out of state?When mailing a prescription to a patient in another state, the pharmacy doesn't consider the consequences if they are not licensed in that state.If your pharmacy is facing an audit, you should contact an attorney to protect their rights.

A prescription can be filled in a different state than it was originally written in.Certain states have more stringent laws for controlled substance prescriptions.Before you travel, check this.

There is no requirement for a pharmacy to transfer a prescription.The pharmacy has refused to transfer prescriptions in the past.They can legally do that.The prescriptions must be kept on file for two years after the last refill.

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