Walk with the spirit.

It is important to walk in the spirit as a Christian.The path you need to walk is set down by the Holy Spirit.A successful walk requires you to know your surroundings. Step 1: Don't give up on the battle. It doesn't seem like it, but walking in the spirit requires you to be part of the spiritual battle going on around you.You will always be led astray by wickedness and corruption.You have to be aware of the dangers before you can avoid them.Your "spirit self" is fighting with your "flesh self".Control of your beliefs and actions will be gained by either side.Walking with the Holy Spirit in a way that allows your own spirit to gain control is called walking in the spirit. Step 2: Know who your enemy is. The devil, the world, and the flesh are connected and you will have to face them.The phrase "the devil made me do it" is not accurate.Even though the devil has power in the world, he can't force someone who is saved to do anything.It's your responsibility to give into the temptation of the devil.The world is influenced by the devil's influence, and as a result, you will often be tempted away from what is good and right.The flesh can be identified.Even though the two components are connected, the flesh is not your body.The part of you that desires worldly pleasure is the flesh.Your spirit is strengthened by denying your flesh.You are saying no to worldly desire and yes to the God if you tame the flesh. Step 3: You should be familiar with the battle front. You should be familiar with both battle fronts.You will have to prepare yourself for both internal and external wickedness.The way in which you think and feel about the world around you is referred to as the internal battlefield of the mind.The way you act and speak is referred to as the external battlefield of behavior.The two fronts are connected.Your actions will follow if your mind is filled with evil.Your mind will make excuses if you indulge in wicked behavior. Step 4: Accept yourself for who you are. There are two parts to your identity.Accepting your own weakness and limitations is the first thing you have to do.You need to see yourself for who you are in Christ and understand the strength that comes with that new identity.You live in a physical body.True well-being refers to the state of your soul over your body.You aren't safe against sin, vice, and spiritual death on your own.Understanding that God loves you and is on your side means embracing your identity in Christ. Step 5: Take the time to identify your own weaknesses. No one deals with temptation the same way as every other person.The temptations you feel weakest against may not be the temptations your neighbor feels strongest against.You can guard yourself against your greatest weaknesses by identifying them.The devil knows your weaknesses and will prey on them as often as possible.The good news is that God knows how to prepare you for your weaknesses. Step 6: The Holyspirit is your biggest ally. The Holy Spirit is your greatest ally in the conflict, if you fully understand the battle you are fighting and the danger of being led astray.The only way to overcome the flesh is by walking in the spirit.The Holy Spirit will help you fight the battle and live a good life.If you rely on the spirit, your spiritual journey will have a positive outcome. Step 7: It's important to prioritize your spiritual life. You need to make a conscious effort to walk in the spirit each and every day.The most important aspect of your life is your spiritual walk.You are likely to lose your footing if you ignore it or place other issues before it.First things first.Family, work, school, and so on are some of the things that make up your daily life.If you want to be sure of your steps, you need to know that your spiritual walk comes before everything else.It is a good idea to offer a prayer of renewed faith and dependence each morning when you wake up.Think about the situation in terms of how it fits in with the Kingdom of Heaven before you look at it in a different way.Do you know if God would approve of something? Step 8: Please pray. Ask God for help on your walk.Then pray and listen.God often has other ways of telling you what you need to know, but you probably won't hear an actual response.When you have encountered something that is dangerous to your spiritual well-being, the spirit will usually warn your heart.Learning to interpret these whisperings can take practice, but with experience, you will understand them for what they are.The other person does all the talking and never lets you speak in a conversation.You don't give God the chance to speak to you in return for praying at God.When you pray, you should spend time in contemplation and meditation.If you put a thought in your mind and arrange circumstances in a way that stands out, God might talk to you.As you go about your daily routine, keep your eyes, mind, and heart open. Step 9: Look at your conscience. You need to examine your conscience on a regular basis and be honest with yourself about your mistakes, because they can drag you down.By acknowledging the flaws, you can hope to avoid them in the future.Look at the image of a garden.By examining the garden of your spiritual life, you can identify weeds and remove them before they start killing healthy plants and fruits.You will end up destroying both good and bad if you mow everything down carelessly.The bad can eventually kill the good if you don't remove anything. Step 10: Listen, trust and obey. Trust that God's will is best and allow him to communicate to you.You will find it easier to obey God's will once you learn to trust him.You will need to obey God's will even if you don't like it.God's instructions for your own life as an individual and general rules that apply to all mankind are what you need to obey.God's law is described in the Bible, but you need to pay attention to how God speaks to you in your own life.Sometimes the direction the Spirit leads you in will be obvious, but sometimes the purpose behind that guidance doesn't make sense.Trust in the Holy Spirit becomes important during those times.God will guide you toward your best possible future if you believe that he loves you and wants the best for you.Obeying God means obeying immediately.Procrastination is actually a form of disobedience. Step 11: Don't forget to watch your life for the fruit of the spirit. You can be reassured that you are walking in the spirit when your life begins to exhibit the fruits of the Spirit.These fruits are not responsible for your salvation, but they are usually the result of a healthy, consistent walk in the spirit.According to Galatians 5:22-23, the fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.The walk comes first and the fruits follow.It will be impossible to truly display those fruits in your long-term thinking and actions if you mimic the fruits of the Spirit.The first thing you have to do is follow the spirit.The fruit will develop naturally after that.Do not be discouraged if you don't display all of the fruits.All of your life will likely include spiritual struggles.The important thing is to allow God to develop these qualities in you. Step 12: Conflict and strife should be avoided. You need to stand firm when conflict arises.As far as your own actions are concerned, you should maintain a spirit of peace and love.If you want to nurture your own spiritual walk, avoid conflict.Conflict should not be spread for the sake of others.Don't go looking for trouble and let God guide you through it.It's not a good idea to create difficulties yourself if you know that God will guide you through them. Step 13: Speak with care. People underestimate the power of words.When you speak the words you choose, they can help keep you on your feet.Listen to other people before you speak.The motives behind your speech should be guided by the Holy Spirit.Don't say anything rash.Don't use your words to harm someone.There is no "taking back" what you said.The words stay in the air no matter how you try to make them go away. Step 14: Control your anger. There are times when you will be angry.Blind fury and rage have a tendency to destroy rather than nurture.Destructive anger will make it harder to walk.Slow down and be careful.Don't allow your anger to control you or the way you deal with others.When you're angry, ask yourself what made you angry in the first place.The spiritual roots of righteous anger are sin and injustice.Destructive anger can turn into grudges against specific people.