Walking down the streets of Downtown Montreal one will see women in hijabs everywhere Does this mean that Montreal will be Muslim majority city soon

Walking down the streets of Downtown Montreal one will see women in hijabs everywhere Does this mean that Montreal will be Muslim majority city soon

Go to Niagara Falls in Ontario and you would also see several.I wonder what you saw in Montréal that made it much different to you from wherever you are from.As you may know, Québec selects half of its immigration to be preferably French speakers, in order to maintain the delicate linguistic balance.

It just happens that Maghreb and Lebanon, and Sub-Saharian Africa too, are full of francophone muslims, so it’s only natural that they would selected in priority to other potential candidates.The two first ethnic origin in 2015 were French and Chinese.However 6 countries of the top 10 had a local muslim population : Iran, Syria, Algeria, Morocco, Cameroon, Ivory Coast).

Note that Cameroon is mostly christian, but officially laïc.However, only 10 % of the population of Montréal is muslim, which makes something like 154 000 people.I’m quite sure most Europeans would find these figures small.

In Québec overall, it’s like 2 %.Something that is very different about Québec muslims compared to Europe is that they were selected when they arrived, and only the most educated muslims were chosen.As you may observe in polls, educated muslims tend to have very different opinions over anything than uneducated ones.

Among the few attacks we got, some involved convert Quebecers, not even old-stock muslims.

No.Saddly, no.Although the Muslim minority in North America wishes that were true, that a beautiful city full of halal fast food would miraculously pop up in our close vicinity.

What you are feeling is a symptom of a type of apophenia called confirmation bias.This is where a person will create connections between unconnected things.What happens is this: You have been thinking about Islam lately.You see a few hijabis walking in downtown Montreal over a day or two.Your brain makes this swing trying to connect the two things because hijabs are a symbol of Islam.But in reality, since Muslims are a minority in North America by a landslide, your brain’s assumptive connection is false.

It’s the same as when you are thinking of buying either a Toyota or a Honda, so your brain unconsciously looks for Toyotas and Hondas and highlights them for you everywhere you go.The result is that you may see 3 Toyotas in a day versus 1 Honda and assume that more people drive Toyota than Honda.Your brain tried to connect the dots but it forgot to take into account the fact that you only searched one area for one day alone, and it was only you searching.

It happens, don’t worry too much about it.You don’t have to be afraid of Montreal becoming the next Islamic republic!

Absolutely not.You see the same thing in London and Paris.Does that mean they will be Muslim majority soon?

No it just means that more Muslims have immigrated there.Here in Montreal we are a population with many different nationalities walking the streets.Some days you see lots of hijabs, other days you don’t.

I once saw a huge group of Asians in the downtown core and everywhere I looked, there were Asians all around.Doesn’t mean that Montreal is majority Asian though.So keep an open mind while visting around the world.

No, the percent of muslims in Montreal is about 6%.It would take a long time before this reaches 50% and a majority.

Ummm… I don’t think so.There already is some backlash regarding the wearing of religious symbols, and the fact that NONE of the governments we had didn’t takle this issue has SOME deep repercussions in day-to-day life.Especially when you can directly link wearing those hijabs with the so called “political Islam”.

There is absolutely no rule in the Coran that women should wear this or that.They have to be MODEST.That MEN imposed this that is another story, and I don’t have the knowledge to really discuss it.

The main problem — and that is valid everywhere — is the protection of the host society, of its customs, morals, ethics in front of all the immigration.Nobody says that coming here you need to abandon who you are, or in what you believe.But ADAPT to this society.

Do not ask to “be special”, do not ask to change the law or the rules because you are “different”.ADAPT.I am an immigrant too, but I adapted to this society.

I didn’t ask for any accomodation.I did it because I wanted to belong, I didn’t want to bring MY CUSTOMS here.I do follow them at home, but I do not ask for special treatment for this or that.

And to finish.Every time I hear a Muslim or whatever else enrolls in one of our Forces (military or police) and then asks for changes in the uniform because “it is against their religion”, I always know that they are the “door pushers” of the “political” religion.Because THEY KNEW BEFORE HAND what the rules are — what to wear, how to behave when in uniform (or not), hair length — all the things that make a member in the military force.

It started with a Sikh policeman (RCMP) who asked to wear his turban instead of the RCMP hat.He was granted that request.I, personaly, am against it.

Now there is a young Muslima who wants to wear the hijab while being a police officer.Let me picture you a situation: she patrols the Jewish neighbourhood.There is a Jew, wearing the kippa, the tefillim and all that black suit… who passes the street on a prohibited stretch… what would she do?

Would she speak to that guy?He won’t answer because she is a woman or because she is a Muslim?What if it comes to some yelling and arresting?

What would the people think?That she did her job as a cop?Was she biased because she is a Muslim confronting a Jew?

And the questions would rise if it would have been a Jewish cop (wearing the yarlmulka) interacting with a Muslim.I am absolutely against wearing any visible religious signs when you are in a position of power or working for the government.

No, I don’t think so.But to be fair, I don’t care what religions people practice.

It may or it may not.Either way, the true culture and heritage of the city will not deviate from it’s true course.

Pop math quiz: Is 6% anywhere close to a majority of the population?

I’ll let you kind of reflect on that one.

I doubt it, but it’s possible.