Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental: What to Know. Does Walmart Rent Carpet Cleaners?

Walmart has carpet cleaner rental kiosks.The rental prices range from $25 to $35 per day.At an additional cost of $5 to $25 per item, cleaning solutions and accessories are also available.The Walmart carpet cleaner rental is listed below.

Many Walmart locations have self-service kiosks that can be used to rent the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner.Depending on the location, these kiosks may offer a variety of carpet cleaning machines.It was 3, 4 and 5.

Walmart does not rent steam cleaning machines or cleaning tools that are specifically made for hard floors.For information on where to go for your other floor cleaning needs, check out our research on grout and tile cleaning machine rentals and floor scrubber rentals.

The cost of renting a rug doctor depends on the model and rental period.There are quotes from Walmart store customer service representatives and the Rug Doctor online reservation system.

If you don't return the carpet cleaner by its due date and time, the rug doctor will charge you an additional day's rental fee.This will continue until the carpet cleaner comes back.If you return a machine two days late, you will pay $90 in rental fees, which includes $30 for your first day and $60 for the two late days.[2]

Cleaning solutions will add to your rental cost.The Rug Doctor cleaning solutions range from $10 to $25 at Walmart and include options like pre-treatment and pet stains.[7]

While you can use a solution from a different brand, Rug Doctor recommends using its own solutions for the best results.[8]

Attachments for specific uses like upholstery cleaning or drying fans are available.In addition to the cost of the carpet cleaning machine, these range in price from $5 to$15.

The front of Walmart stores are where the self-service kiosks are located.It is a good idea to check the Rug Doctor rental locator before visiting a Walmart store.

The rental kiosk will have a touch screen where you can select the machine you want, enter your information, and pay the rental fee with your credit, debit, or Walmart MoneyCard.Swiping your card will allow you to remove the cleaning machine.[2]

If your local store allows it, you can reserve a machine online.Click on the store you want to rent from to enter your zip code.You will see a button beneath the store's address if the online reservation option is available.You can add a machine and carpet cleaning solution to your order with the online reservation system.