hasArgo 100% Pure Corn Starch in 16 oz. Where is it located?

I couldn't find it.I wanted to use cornstarch but I was stuck at the baking isle trying to find that little booger and I couldn't.Was it because I didn't check enough?Is it somewhere else?

It's hard to find employees to ask.I only see cashiers in the electronics section.I can't help unless I travel to the other side to get them in the foods section.

There are basically 3 brands that are mostly sold in stores, and they are in boxes or plastic containers.Here is a site of what they look like.

You would think that they would be located by the flour or the cake mix, but they are not.They are located close to the spices on a shelf with Baking Powder, Baking Soda.

In the Walmart stores I go to, it's usually on isle 5 or 6.Baking and Goods should be on that isle.There are foods.

There is a baking aisle near the baking powder.Sometimes Walmart does not carry things like this because they don't sell or are unprofitable.Go to a regular grocery store.

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