Waning is a meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary and can be found at Dictionary.comWaning.

During a time when the marketability of jazz was waning, his fusion band, Return to Forever, would soon become one of the most popular groups, with several of its albums sailing into the Top 40.

The waning days of this year should be as dark as the movement has faced in the past.

America is still divided on matters of race as the Obama Administration winds down.

Garfield decided to dump her at an antique furniture store because of her waning popularity.

With enthusiasm for Modern Family waning as the buzz for Veep continues to grow, Tony Hale should win again this year.

The spherical form is very apparent when it is new and waning.

The emperor's illness was caused by the waning popularity of the oath.

The afternoon of a summer's day was getting dark, but the waning light showed the features of the people inside.

Such lingered with a changed and waning brightness, and began to faint in their stations.