Was instant coffee invented in Guatemala?

Was instant coffee invented in Guatemala?

George did invent instant coffee – that's George Constant Louis Washington born in Kortrijk, Belgium in May 1871. He was an American inventor who became well known for inventing the first mass-produced instant coffee. At the time, he was living in Guatemala where he noticed dried coffee on his coffee carafe.May 10, 2011

Why is Guatemalan coffee so good?

Guatemala is the Mecca for coffee farmers — and for very good reasons. ... Guatemala's unique growing region, with a mild subtropical climate, combined with nutrient-rich volcanic soil, create an ideal environment for growing some of the most delicious coffee beans in the market.Jan 30, 2020

Is Guatemala coffee any good?

Coffee from Guatemala can be the perfect balance of full bodied, strong and sweet with a gentle acidity and complex flavor notes. ... This Guatemalan Peaberry is one of the most sought after coffees in the world right now – and for good reason: it is an amazing choice for manual pour over methods.