Was Porridge filmed at Leavesden Hospital?

Was Porridge filmed at Leavesden Hospital?

HMP denied the BBC permission to film in a working prison, so they chose the next best thing, Leavesden Hospital. This scene was filmed in front of what was in 1974 the hospital's art therapy building and now the park's Woodlands Café.Aug 7, 2021

Is anyone from Porridge still alive?

Peter Vaughan, star of Porridge and Game of Thrones, dies aged 93. The character actor Peter Vaughan, known for his role as Grouty in the TV sitcom Porridge and more recently as Maester Aemon in Game of Thrones, has died aged 93.Dec 6, 2016

How old was David Jason when he played Blanco in Porridge?

Despite Blanco being an elderly character, David Jason was in his mid-30s when he played Blanco.

Is Fulton Mackay still alive?


Is Joy Tubb still alive?

Joy died in January 2011, aged 78. Barker received an OBE in 1978.

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