Was Procopius reliable?

Was Procopius reliable?

The Secret History was written by Procopius, but not published in the West until about a millennium after it was written. As it was 'a venomous pamphlet of dubious merit', The Secret History is hardly a reliable historical source.

Is Procopius a primary source?

Procopius [c. 490/510-c. 560s] is the most important source for information about the reign of the emperor Justinian. He also left a "Secret History" [Anecdota] which was a massive attack on the character of Justinian and his wife Theodora.

How do you reference Procopius?

Citation Data Procopius. The Secret History. Baltimore :Penguin Books, 1966.

What are Procopius three main works?

Procopius's writings fall into three divisions: the Polemon (De bellis; Wars), in eight books; Peri Ktismaton (De aedificiis; Buildings), in six books; and the Anecdota (Historia arcana; Secret History), published posthumously.

What did Procopius say about the plague?

In their writings, Procopius and John of Ephesus describe the plague in lurid detail, from the disease's physical symptoms (fever, chills, disorientation, swollen and in some cases, oozing buboes) to its disruptive impact on the rhythms of daily life.

What did Procopius write about Theodora?

Her early days working in the circus as an actor are vividly portrayed; Procopius tells how Theodora was a prostitute in every possible way, who would even accept slaves as clients.

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