Was the ABA Real?

Was the ABA Real?

The American Basketball Association (ABA) was a major men's professional basketball league from 1967 to 1976.

When did the ABA exist?


What teams made up the ABA?

In 1976, four ABA teams — the Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers, New York Nets and San Antonio Spurs — merged with the NBA. The terms of the merger required each team to pay the NBA $3.2 million and ABA teams would receive no money from national television contracts for the first three seasons.31 May 2017

Was the Flint Tropics a real team?

The Detroit Pistons G League affiliate, which is located about two hours from the city that was home to the fictional ABA team the Flint Tropics, will honor the fake basketball franchise from the movie Semi-Pro in its next home game.16 Jan 2019

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