Was the gospel of Matthew written in Greek or Hebrew?

Was the gospel of Matthew written in Greek or Hebrew?

The Gospel of Matthew was written in Greek. However, there is a strong tradition that the apostle Matthew wrote an early document describing Jesus in Hebrew or Aramaic. This document was very probably one of the sources of the Gospel of Matthew.

How did Matthew write his gospel?

Writing in a polished Semitic "synagogue Greek", he drew on the Gospel of Mark as a source, plus the hypothetical collection of sayings known as the Q source (material shared with Luke but not with Mark) and material unique to his own community, called the M source or "Special Matthew".

What language was the Gospel of Mark originally written in?


Did Matthew write his own gospel?

The work does not identify its author, and the early tradition attributing it to the apostle Matthew is rejected by modern scholars. He was probably a male Jew, standing on the margin between traditional and non-traditional Jewish values, and familiar with technical legal aspects of scripture being debated in his time.

Did Matthew write Aramaic?

No. Nearly all linguists and New Testament scholars agree that the original autograph of Matthew's Gospel was written in Koine Greek. It does not read like a translation from Aramaic into Greek.

What was the original language of the four Gospels?

Most biblical scholars adhere to the view that the Greek text of the New Testament is the original version.

Is there a Hebrew Matthew?

Shem Tob's Hebrew Gospel of Matthew is the oldest extant Hebrew version of the Gospel of Matthew. It was included in the 14th-century work Eben Boḥan (The Touchstone) by the Spanish Jewish Rabbi Shem-Tov ben Isaac ben Shaprut.

What does the name Matthew mean in Hebrew?

gift of God

What was the original language of Matthew?


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