Wash Silk Garments.

Silk is very delicate and you need to wash it with care.Before washing your silk garment, check the tag to see the manufacturer's recommended method of cleaning.You can still wash your garment with cold water and soap if it says "dry clean only".You can use the "Delicates" setting on your washing machine to wash silk garments if the tag recommends gentle washing.

Step 1: Place cold water in the basin.

Even if the tag says dry cleaning only, most silk garments can be washed.If you want to begin washing the garment, fill a basin or bowl with warm or cold water.If you really care about the garment, you should take it to a dry cleaner.Silk is easy to damage.

Step 2: The detergent should be added with a few drops.

Take a few drops of detergent and put it in the water.To protect the silk's gentle fibers, try to use an all-natural or extra gentle brand.You can mix the water and soap with your hand.If you don't have a fitting detergent, you can use baby wash.

Step 3: Allow the garment to soak for a short time.

Push the whole garment under the water of the basin to get it wet.Allow the piece of clothing to soak for 3 minutes to allow soap to interact with the garment.If you must wash your silk garments yourself, some experts recommend spot treating them.You don't want to lower the quality of the whole clothing item.

Step 4: Take the garment out of the water.

Take the garment and plunge it into the water to wash it out and move water through the fabric.It is much more gentle than the motion of a washing machine.

Step 5: The garment must be washed in cold water.

Take the garment out of the water and put it in the sink.To wash out soap, turn on the cold water and rinse the silk garment.To wash the entire surface of the garment, move it around under the water.When you can't see soap suds, stop.

Step 6: Use a towel to absorb excess water.

To begin the process of drying the silk garment, lay a clean towel on a table or counter.Place the silk garment on top of the towel and roll it from one end to the other.Take out the silk garment after you have rolled the towel all the way up.The silk material can be damaged if you wring or squeeze the towel.

Step 7: The garment needs to be hung to dry.

Hang the piece of clothing up to dry on a drying rack, making sure not to place it in direct sunlight, as this could damage the silk.

Step 8: If the tag recommends machine washing, check it.

Check the tag to make sure the silk garment can be washed in the machine.The makeup of silk can be damaged by machine washing a silk garment that isn't designed to be washed.

Step 9: Put the washing machine in its place.

If you have made sure that you can wash your silk garment, place it in the washing machine alone or alongside other delicates.If you have a mesh bag, use it to protect the garment.If you have blue jeans, don't put them in with your garment.Adding metal buttons or snaps to clothing could cause silk to get stuck.

Step 10: Start the cycle slowly.

Put the washer on a delicate cycle by adjusting it.The wash should be as gentle as it can be if you choose the shortest spin cycle.

Step 11: Add detergent.

Add mild laundry detergent when the water starts to fill the machine.Try to use natural and gentle detergent instead of detergent that could harm the silk.

Step 12: It's a good idea to soak up excess water after the wash.

Take the silk garment out of the washing machine once the wash is over.Put the silk garment on top of the clean towel on the counter or table.The towel should be rolled from one side to the other.Take the garment out with the towel.

Step 13: The garment should be hung to dry.

After soaking the garment, lay it flat to dry or drape it over a drying rack.The silk material can be damaged if the drying rack is placed in direct sunlight.

Step 14: Hang the garment in the morning.

If you notice awrinkle in your silk garment, there are a few ways to remove it without exposing it to high heat.If your silk garment only has a small amount of wrinkling, use a plastic clothes hanger to hang it, making sure that the garment is not folded over on itself.If the wrinkling is gone in the morning, keep it hanging.

Step 15: Hang the garment in the shower.

If you want to take a shower, hang the garment from the towel rack in the bathroom and keep it on the hanger.The heat from the shower can help with wrinkling.

Step 16: The garment should be iron on the Silk setting.

You should check the garment tag to see if it can be washed.Put the silk garment in the sink and turn it inside out.The iron should be turned onto the silk setting.The hot setting can pucker or even burn the silk, so make sure to use a cool iron setting.