'Watchmen' Powers - What Kind of Special Abilities Do The Characters Have?'

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If you feel like there isn't enough superhero content, you're in luck.DC Comic fans know that the Watchmen series has been teased for a long time, and it will premiere tonight at 9 p.m.Time.There was a movie adaptation of the graphic novel in 2009, but the new show is more of a continuation than a remake.It picks up over 30 years later.

This isn't your average superhero show.There are people who are referred to as "superheroes," but only one with actual powers.The others have above average skills that they use to fight crime.

Even though they don't have the ability to fly, they still wear costumes and take down bad guys, so that's good for me.Here is everything you need to know about the show.

King plays a brand-new character with a new back story.She is a cop, a mother, and a wife.I would buy her a belt like the one she wears.No, seriously.Where can I find that?

Doctor Manhattan is the only real superhero from the Watchmen universe, but he might not be featured directly, so you should probably keep reading.He gained godlike powers because of a very serious nuclear physics experiment that went wrong.He has telekinetic powers, which he uses for good, as well as total clairvoyance, and superhuman strength.We are stan.

Ozymandias is being really smart.It must be nice.Adrian is the world's smartest man.He is skilled in martial arts, has catlike reflexes, and embodies every other quality that goes along with being a smart-AF crime fighter.

Rorschach was known for his sense of timing and precision.Rorschach was killed in the graphic novel, but his legacy of fighting crime with anarchy lives on through others.A group of white supremacists decided to wear his mask.We don't stan them.

Laurie, also known as the Silk Spectre, is an older version of the Watchmen character.The bad guy known as the Comedian is the last name of her biological father.The daughter of the original Silk Spectre, Laurie was destined to be a crime fighter.She knows how to hold her own in a street fight, even though she has no real powers.Our queen.

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