Wendy’s Chili is so delicious, you should never order it at the restaurant.

Many are shocked by the information that a Wendy’s employee has given about where the meat in its chili comes from.

Fast food restaurants have been long-criticized for their ingredients and every once in a while, something new comes to light that turns many customers off from their favorite fast food place.

Many people around the world love Wendy’s burgers, chicken and fries because they have relatively fresh ingredients.

Some customers at Wendy’s have been turned off by some surprising information.The meat in Wendy’s popular chili is not as fresh as other items, according to an employee.The chili is said to come from leftover hamburgers.

The chain says that it follows health and safety procedures and that the use of leftover hamburger meat in the chili is to cut down on food waste.Customers still have doubts about the practice.

The patties are left on the grill until a burger order is placed.If the burgers aren’t used in a certain amount of time, they get “discarded” and placed into a container to be refrigerated before they are boiled down and chopped up to make chili.

There is nothing wrong with the fast food chain using leftover meat for chili, but some customers are not happy about it.