West facing houses are good or bad depending on the Vastu.

Regardless of whether the rules are good or bad, most people consider them when buying or building a home.There is a myth that west-facing homes are not as good as north and east facing homes.North and east-facing doors are the first and second choices for homes.

There is no reason that west-facing homes are not as good as north or east facing homes.

If you follow certain Vastu Shastra principles, a west-facing home can be just as prosperous as other homes.In this post, we look at the advantages of choosing a west-facing unit and the Vastu guidelines to follow.

A west-facing home is one where the main door faces west.West-facing homes have received a bad image recently, but it wasn’t always so.

If you follow the right design principles, all homes be it north, east, west or south-facing are all considered good.

Vaastu Shastra does not care about the direction of the house.It all depends on where the main entrance is.

A sense of youth and exuberance can be found in homes with west-facing doors.It is thought that doors on the west let in energy.All traditional Geisha homes in Japan have the main doors facing the west.

People who live in west-facing homes are likely to have a lot of friends.They will be loved by everyone at their workplace, personal relationships, and social situations.

Politician, teachers, religious leaders, and business people are some of the ideal people to live in a west-facing home.

The entrance of the house is more important than anything else.In a west-facing home, the main door can be found in any of the four padas.

There is a simple explanation of what is padas.Imagine a straight line from North West to South West on the west side of your home.Divide it into nine equal parts.The first and last segments in the north-west and South West are the 1st and 9th.

The entrance to the house should be positioned in one of the following areas to reap the benefits of Vastu Shastra – 3, 4, 5 or 6.

The main door of West-facing homes is the subject of the Vastu rules.Other Vastu design principles can help you get the best vibes from a west-facing home.

Different homes have different design principles based on their orientation.Take a look at some of the do’s and don’ts of Vastu for West-facing homes.

There is no mention of west-facing homes being inauspicious in Vastu Shastra.It is time to put that myth to rest.Pick the best west-facing homes from homes that aren’t designed according to the above guidelines.

Even if you don’t believe in the principles of Vastu Shastra, west-facing homes are an excellent choice as you can enjoy the warm rays of the setting sun.

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