What are 5 benefits of cardiorespiratory endurance?

What are 5 benefits of cardiorespiratory endurance?

- Lowered risk of disease. Aerobic exercise reduces your risk of developing many diseases, including: - Better strength and stamina. Your heart and lungs will get stronger as you exercise. - A more active immune system. - Managed weight. - Stronger bones. - Better mood.

What are 3 benefits of cardiorespiratory fitness?

There are many benefits of cardiorespiratory fitness. It can reduce the risk of heart disease, lung cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and other diseases. Cardiorespiratory fitness helps improve lung and heart condition, and increases feelings of wellbeing.

What are 5 benefits of a good cardio workout?

- Improved Heart Health. Your heart is a muscle just like any other and in order for it to become strong, it must be worked. - Weight control. - Metabolism. - Reduced Disease Risk. - Your State Of Mind. - Improves Sleep. - Strengthens Your Immune System.

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