What are some things I need to know before moving to Vancouver from Rogers Arkansas

What are some things I need to know before moving to Vancouver from Rogers Arkansas

Not knowing Rogers, I hit the web for a few minutes to get learned up.Looks like small town America, and that’s great.But which Vancouver are you moving to?

There’s Vancouver, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia.Both share a similar climate, with BC being even wetter.Both are ports, with BC on the ocean and WA on the Columbia river.

WA is much smaller than BC and probably has more in common with Rogers than Van, BC.Not big as cities go, Vancouver BC is very dense; about 9x Rogers.It’ll probably feel crowded and busy.

Half of Vancouverites claim English as a second language, so it’s ethnicly diverse.You can get many kinds of food, and on public transit you’ll hear a half-dozen languages.With mountains and ocean all around, outdoor activities are popular.

I know sedentary people exist, but I don’t see them often.Either city is West Coast and likely very liberal compared to Rogers.Liberal, not Left.

In BC, don’t be too surprised to see or at least smell weed in the streets.Gay or inter-racial couples don’t draw attention, it’s neither remarkable nor my business.In BC, expect to see more homeless.

With a mild climate (for Canada) and big city services and density, it’s a problem we don’t have a handle on.However, you are safe on the street and at home.If you’re not looking for trouble, it probably isn’t going to find you.

Gun violence is for the gangstas.Don’t be gangsta.BC does get snow, usually just a few days.

Winter 2016–17 was exceptionally Canadian for the area…hopefully it doesn’t become the norm.Regardless, if it snows and you usually drive…don’t.Stay home or take transit.