What are some tricks to know when you have to go and live in Montréal

What are some tricks to know when you have to go and live in Montréal

I think language is the biggest problem for newbies in Montréal because there is an assumption or false belief that French is French, where ever you go.That may be the case for French Guiana or French Polynesia or Vietnam.Montréal, not so.

It’s not a requirement but knowing a little French-Canadian helps.Remember, Québécois is not France French.Think U.S. & U.K. english; think Brazilian Portuguese & Portugal (Euro) Portuguese.

Québécois is lot less formal than Euro-French, and Quebeckers will be a much more easy-going lot who are often willing to help non-native speakers.Try that with a Parisian Frenchy as many foreigners and Americans alike have been berated with condescending attitudes and short-tempered impatience.Québécois adopts a lot of English words too, and have their own euphemisms and slangs that make absolutely no sense to anyone who studied high school french or a Parisian, for that matter.

So a good tip would be to purchase a French-Canadian travel language book and back-pocket notebook .Make a friend, too, with a Quebecker before or after you get there.YouTube will help with basic Québécois for practice-sake.

But the only real way to learn any language is exposure and immersion.Other than that, Montréal is fun, captivating, and the 5 a 7 lifestyle is wonderful, where works ends at 5 and partying goes on til 7; sort of a hybrid happier hour.