What are the best restaurants to try when visiting Montréal QC Canada What should you try while youre there

What are the best restaurants to try when visiting Montréal QC Canada What should you try while youre there

Montreal is an incredible city for food, it’s got just as diverse cuisine as any other city in Canada and the US for that matter but at a fraction of the cost for comparable top tier restaurants globally.There’s so much choice that I’m sure if you asked a bunch of different people, they’d have wildly different lists but all with really great restaurants.I haven’t been back in a few months but I hear the variety in terms of cuisine just keeps growing and there’s all kinds in terms of the type of experience you are looking for so in no particular order here are some of my favorite ones: Liverpool house slash Joe Beef – this one comes to mind because that’s where Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau were recently spotted recently having their bromance-y dinner.

It’s delicious decadent Canadian and French inspired cuisine: veal, lamb, escargot and all that jazz!Au Pied de Cochon – APdC is pretty legendary, it’s also decadent French food by one of Montreal’s most famous chefs; Martin Picard.Pizzeria Gema – in little Italy.There are tons of really great Italian restaurants in little Italy, pizzeria Gema just happens to be my personal favourite.They are also know for the best zepoli (sp?)

in the city which they sell once a year.It typically sells out inAgrikol – Haitian.I go here for some great barbecue and even better music and rum.

It’s a really cool spot and it’s backed by one of the Arcade fire band members so that makes it a tad cooler.Kazu – Japanese tapas.There’s always a line up out the door because Kazu has maybe ten tables if that and every time tourists walk by they stop and stare.It’s always worth the wait.

I’m a big fan of their braised pork cheeks.Yuu Kai – I think most people would speak to the more popular sushi places like Imadake but I feel like this one’s my very own little secret.It’s an unbelievable family run sushi restaurant that’s not particularly well known but is the best sushi i’ve ever tasted in the world and I’ve lived in 8 countries and visited over 35 others.Honestly there are a ton more and it depends who you ask and what you’re looking for.

Foodie.Not too snobby.Enjoy eating at the counter to watch the action and hopefully catch glimpses of the kitchen.

I have a few favorites and so end up going there all the time: L’Express.A favorite of mine for the best wine list in town and the most experienced service.They know me and welcome me and my buddies and treat us all like regulars.

Which we are, I suppose.7 minutes from my place, I can show up at midnight and slide up to the counter and be greeted by the timeless Monsieur Masson who will open his suggested bottle before I even take off my coat.Since I’ve tried everything on the menu, I often opt for the side bar of special items that have been scribbled on little pieces of paper and stuck under the menu protector, but the Onglet Beurre Echalot Frites is a must do for a first timer.

And for someone slightly more attentive to the waistline, the Saumon Sel Gris is served on a simple bed of spinach with a half lemon.Larry’s.Another great counter to watch a younger, but no less savvy group of hosts welcome you to all kinds of organic wines and well composed cocktails to accompany my favorite small plates in the city.I never choose, I just let them bring me stuff until I say stop.

It’s hard to stay stop.I’ve been there 30 times with 30 different friends and never had a bad dish.Everyone there speaks English and French fluently and will help you taste stuff you know and stuff you didn’t know you’d love.

I love this place, so will you, but get there early or be prepared to wait.No reservations and… no phone!Pied de Cochon.2 minutes from my place this is a must experience for the gourmand, although I often recommend bringing your own defibrillator since the food is not for the coronarily inclined.

The chef is especially famous for his impossible-to-get-in-to Cabane a Sucre, but the Mother house is not at all shabby since the chef Martin Picard loves to show off the kind of cuisine that must have killed half of his family before the invention of the bypass.Everything is delicious and filling.In fact, two of us will generally have an appetizer and a main and still have enough for lunch the next day.

But don’t tell them we said that: just order one of everything and take it all home.They are very reliable in the wine department with an amazing selection of Burgundies.Their counter is my favorite in town because the magic really happens before your eyes; and the young sous and apprentices are always ready to show off.Foiegwa.

Yes Foiegwa, which I believe means foie gras.To be fair this is a recent discovery of mine and super satisfying.Brunch is packed to the gills and allows no reservations, but if you arrive and talk to the hostess she will put your name on a list and text you when your table is ready.

I had scrambled eggs with truffle for brunch.Who would hate that?Monday night it is one of the few Montreal place open and with a spot available at the, you guessed it, counter.

So far, they have served my favorite cocktail in town made with the best ice.Who would have known that a chunk of clear ice would make me fall in love with a cocktail.Oh, and a tiny clothespin.Bishop and Bagg.

Okay, normally I wouldn’t promote a pub as a source of awesome cuisine and, to be honest, I’ve only eaten there once.Mostly drunk there once which is why it’s on my list.That’s it!

The list!They have a list of like 200 gins from all around the world.Our server was clearly a drunk of my ilk since he knew exactly what I would like and was spot on with two outstanding pours: one gin from France, the other from Italy.

The food was good too.

Really depends what kind of food you want, what price range you’re looking for and which corner of Mtl you want to eat at.5 Best PLACES to find something to eat in Mtl: -DOWNTOWN, around Sainte-Catherine street.One of the biggest streets of the city, if not the biggest, has many fast foods, take-outs, eateries and buffets of all ethnicities and a few fine dining places.

-COTE-DES-NEIGES.Probably the street with the most small restaurants, spread out on a few kilometers, plus a mall with even more eateries inside.Great selection of all kinds of food, but little to no fine dining, with maybe one or two exceptions.

-PLAZA-ST-HUBERT.Located on the Eastern side of the city, the Plaza St-Hubert and its surroundings are full of low to medium price restaurants.Many fancy steak and bbq places as well as fine italian dining places for a great price.

-OLD PORT OF MONTREAL.Wide selection of food trucks and fast foods next to the river.Perfect place to eat at if you want to fill in a gap in your stomach, while contemplating the beauty of the Old Port.

-MARCHÉ CENTRAL.For a shopping place, the Marché Central sure has a lot of restaurants.Not all of them are fancy, but you can find a decent lebanese or asian restaurant within a 400m radius of the Tommy Hilfiger or the Best Buy there.

Very convenient and satisfying.Best restaurants in Montreal by food type: Steakhouses and BBQ: -Vieux Port Steakhouse.$$$$ Located in the Old Port, this steakhouse has a long history of professional steak chefs.

Other than their fantastic steaks, the seafood options and the cocktails are definitely worth checking out.-Méchant Boeuf.$$$$ Located on Ste-Catherine street, this is a popular steakhouse with a dance floor vibe that also offers a menu of burgers, delicious appetizers and much more.

Ideal for a guys night out before hitting the club or the bar.-Cote-Saint-Luc Barbecue.$$ Located on Cote-Saint-Luc.

Great barbecue place for ribs, steak, poutine and burgers with an affordable price.In general, their food is delicious and comes in generous portions.Mexican Food: -Tres Amigos.

$$ Located on Sainte-Catherine, Berri and many more throughout the city.Although not exactly authentic, Tres Amigos offers a delicious menu of Mexican food and Mexican inspired plates that won’t disappoint you.Great music, beautiful place, and amazing cocktails.

-Carlos and Pepe.$$ Located on Peel street (downtown), their menu is similar to Tres Amigos, but comes in smaller portions.However the music and the service is excellent, great for a night out with a few shooter of Tequila and lime.

Asian Food: -Seoul Chako.$$ Located on Sainte-Catherine street.If you’ve never tried Korean BBQ before, this is the place to go.

Delicious all you can eat buffet including BBQ, sushis, appetizers and desserts.However, service sucks and is not worth tipping.Nevertheless, many celebrities such as GSP have eaten there and approve of the food; you can see pictures of them on the walls of the restaurants.

-Paris Pho.$ Located on Poirier Street, in Saint-Laurent.Asian fast food with a wide selection of vietnamese, thai and chinese food.

Service is great and effective.Nice for a lunch date.-Tong Por.

$$$ Located on Boulevard Marcel-Laurin near Laval.Authentic chinese and thai cuisine, banquet style.Great place to eat at for a celebration involving a large group and the menu is endless.

Italian Food: -Pacini.$$ Located at Cote-des-Neiges, and many more accross the city.Great italian place, with lots of pasta and seafood options.

Delicious cocktails, family friendly.However, not always authentic.-Le Colbert.

$$ Located on Jean Talon St E, this old fashioned Italian couldn’t get any better for its price.Exceptional service, great food with lots of authentic menu options.Wednesday and Thursday deal: 22$ for 2 people with entree and meal.

Must try.Lebanese Food: -Sindibad.$ Located on Cote-des-Neiges street, their shish taouks and shawarmas will please anyone who takes a bite at them.

Delicious meals with generous portions, perfect if you’ve been craving that garlic sauce for way too long.-Aux Lilas.$$$$ Located on Park Avenue, their authentic lebanese plates are worth the price.

This restaurant will change your life if you are willing to get out of your comfort zone and try some things you don’t eat every week.Friendly service, very cozy and relaxing place.Other places worth checking out: -L’Entrepot Mont-Royal.

$ Located on Mont Royal Ave E, their whole menu is no more than 5$!!!!Including steakhouse quality burgers, salads and many many more!However, not recommended for family, as it is very noisy and crowded and swarming with alcohol.

This kind of place makes you want to buy the chefs a beer.-Sushi Crystal, $$ Located on Sainte Catherine St W, not the buffet with the best service in the world.But offers an unique menu with their own touch.

For example, their beef salad feels like steak from The Keg.And their sushi rolls makes you feel like you’re the heaven.But the fat guy who gets all grumpy around you when you ask him to handle the iPad menu order is what pulls you back to Earth.

If you’re very hungry, this is a great place to go to.-Mtl Star.$ Located on Decarie, Cote-des-Neiges and Berri.

THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO TO.Filled with delicious French, Indian and American style burgers and sandwiches, you’ll get enough meat to become vegan for a week.Exclusive to Montreal, this amazing fast food place is what people who have been too long on a diet crave.

Read Voir magazine, mtlblog.com and Nightlife for other suggestions.Here are mine: Eat in bars and restaurants on Saint-Denis, Ontario, Metcalfe, De la Montagne, Crescent, McGill College Avenue.Go to Quartier des Spectacles just for the view at the least, at the corner of Bleury Av.and Ste-Catherine St.

There occur different music and comedy events in June and July.And shop for shoes and clothes going west on St-Catherine, on the street for the downtown feeling, or underground on rainy days.Walk south to Place Ville Marie and upto Au Sommet.Take subway, bus or taxi toward east to Olympic Stadium’s Observatory.Climb up Mont Royal, a central point of view at the west end of Mont Royal Avenue, to see the whole downtown and the river.Have a tasty local microbrewery beer or a local tea after you climbed the mountain down on Le Plateau Mont-Royal.

Find there specialty groceries that sell international but also local prepared meals: cipaille, poutine or pâté chinois.Sport and outdoor people will love walking, running or biking in parks (Mont-Royal, Lafontaine, Maisonneuve, etc.)Visit historical sites in Old Montréal and Vieux-Port (old Harbour).See exhibitions in different museums (Science, MAC, McCord, Fine Arts, Stewart).Visit us or repeat your experience next October or December, as it is quite beautiful during fall with yellow and purple tree leaves or early winter with snow.If you have time left, drive to Quebec City, a 3-hour car ride from Montreal.

Well i would suggest some of my favourites : JATOBA- Located at downtown and is a great date night option for anyone looking to experience Montreal’s modern food scene.Walking into Jatoba has a breathtaking effect, leading to the realization that these guys have thought of everything: the space was even recently redone to improve its acoustics.La Capital Tacos- Make your way to the Chinatown for some exceptional Mexican food!

This family-run Taqueria serves authentic Mexican street food inside their cozy, unpretentious restaurant.Mexican Jicama salad during your next visit to Chinatown!AGRIKOL- The coolest restaurant in Montreal may have just opened up.

A Haitian restaurant, is a young and trendy new hangout in the Gay Village.The restaurant is co-owned by Arcade Fire’s Régine Chassagne and Win Butler, as well as Jen Agg and artist Roland Jean who own restaurants in Toronto.All four owners traveled to Haiti, collecting artwork that you can now view on the restaurant walls.

Other things to try while you are in montreal: Visit Mont-Royal rises 233 meters above the city and is the green lung near the city center.A stroll through this lovely park enables the visitor to see monuments to Jacques Cartier and King George VI, to spend some time by Lac-aux-Castors, and to have a look at the cemeteries on the western slope where the city’s different ethnic groups have rested in peace together for centuries.Overtake Old Montréal is a remarkable concentration of buildings dating from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.

The district has the delightful feel of a Parisian-style quarter, situated as it is between the waterfront and the business hub.Its many historic sites, streets, and landmarks are best explored on foot.Those not to miss include the twin towers of Notre-Dame Basilica, the quays of the revitalized Old Port, and the open-air gathering space of Place Jacques-Cartier.

Befall Parc Maisonneuve (Pie IX Metro) incorporates the wonderfully imaginative botanical garden.At Jardin Botanique, visitors are drawn in particular to the Japanese and Chinese Gardens, exceptional glasshouses, and displays of orchids and bonsai.There is an interesting Insectarium and huge arboretum on the grounds, as well as ponds supporting a variety of birds.

Strike Lachine, on the southeast bank of Montréal Island (in Lac St.-Louis), got its name from the first pioneers who, in the 17th century, made their way up the St. Lawrence looking for a route to China (in French, “la Chine”).The Lachine Canal, a way of getting round the Lachine Rapids, was dug in 1825.It is many years, however, since it was last used for shipping and nowadays forms part of a park and offers plenty of opportunities for charming trips along the canal banks.

You will find more attractive locations when you reach here.Have a nice journey!

You can try from the following, it’s not an exhaustive list but based on experience Montréal staples · Smoked meat at Schwartz · Portuguese chicken at Romados or Poule Mouillé · Poutine at la banquise (24hours) · Coffee at Olympico · Bagel at St-viateur Bagel · Wilensky Kampai Garden In a similar vein to Magdalena, the downtown area has welcomed Kampai Garden in the Faubourg Centre.In keeping with the tropical theme, Kampai is a beer garden that engulfs its patrons with greenery and plants, as if you were to step into a greenhouse.The organic design of the bar-slash-restaurant gives it a warm feel and their reasonably-priced food makes it even more inviting.

The menu covers all bases, from tatar, tofu, to tuna carpaccio.Later at night, Kampai switches from cozy restaurant to a full on bar/club experience that draws a huge crowd.Whatever it is you’re looking for, Kampai Garden probably has it High End: · Toqué !

; the best and most expansive place in town.· Au Pied de Cochon; a fine restaurant from where you will never leave saying “I’m still hungry”.· Apollo; a very good Italian place.

Famous local foods · Schwartz’s Smoked Meat, for that good ol’ Montreal smoked meat · Lester’s, if you don’t like Schwartz’s style smoked meat.Locals usually prefer one or the other.· La Banquise, restaurant that serves the very best poutine worldwide.

Bûche de Noël No Christmas feast is complete in Quebec without a log-shaped cake called bûche de Noël — served at the end of the meal.The Yule log tradition first started in the 12th century when Europeans would burn a log sprinkled with oil and wine to ward off evil spirits on Christmas Eve.Leave it to the Parisians to draw inspiration from this ritual by creating a cake version of the Yule log by rolling up sponge cake and filling — and covering — it in buttercream.

Depends on your budget really.For affordable eats I recommend Lester’s for their smoked meat sandwich (better than the more popular Schwartz I find), La Pouille Mouilée for amazing portuguese chicken – their version of the poutine is the best in the city in my opinion, Chez Tousignant for amazing burgers, Pho Bang New York for great vietnamese soup and Yokato Yokabai for killer ramen noodle soup.Il Focolaio has great pizza – thin italian style crust but generous on the toppings.

Brit and Chips has the best Fish n’ Chips in the city.You should also try the traditional bagel from either Fairmount, St-Viateur or Beaubien Bagels – all three are excellent although each Montrealer has their favourite.For some great mid-range food I strongly recommend Cadet for their multicultural fusion tapas style menu.

Le Boucan has great southern style BBQ.Escondite has amazing ambiance and great mexican food with a modern twist.And you’ll get amazing asian fusion dishes at Soy.

And Imadake is my favourite izakaya in Montreal.For more upscale eating I stongly recommend Bouillon Bilk.I also love the food at Pastaga.

Le Mousso is probably one of the most innovative restaurants in the city right now.Jatoba has an amazing menu with an asian twist.So does Orange Rouge.

Ikanos does amazing modern greek food with a focus on fish and seafood.Le Pied de Cochon is a classic if you’re a fan of foie gras.

Schwarts smoked meat on St. Laurent and Bar B Barn downtown on Rue Guy.Dunns smoked meat (this is if you like smoked meat) is really good too.A good Montreal Steamie (my favouroites are La Belle de Provence or Gregoires (he used to play for I think the Montreal Alouettes) but I think Gregoires is only in Chateauguay just off the island going over the Mercier bridge always a must have.

St Viteurs bagels to buy a bag of freshly made bagels.Nora Gray on St Jacques for for some good Italian food.Majestique on St. Laurent is a cool experience and Dinette Triple Crown THIS IS FROM A REVIEW: is one of the best-kept secrets as far as Montreal restaurants go: it’s relatively small (a counter with just eight stools) but the real draw here is not indoors; rather, locals know to ask for a picnic basket (fully equipped with cutlery, dishes, and a tablecloth) that will be enjoyed in Little Italy Park across the street.

Fried chicken with fluffy mashed potatoes and gravy, braised greens, and biscuits, along with pulled pork sandwiches and brisket, will have you speaking with a southern drawl in no time.Either way Montreal has great restaurants and great food.You won’t go wrong no matter what you do.

Old Montreal is must and to sit outside in the beautiful weather on a patio full of flowers watching all the buskers is awesome.Also to go for Caleche (horse and buggy ride) or even to just see them is amazing.A good old Zip line over the old port of Montreal is fun and about 25.00 its a must too.

On a cold winter day, nothing can beat a bow of Phở at Thanh Long Restaurant ( 103, st Catherine E street) .The No.8 Phở is recommended, or No.26 , 27 are their best selling too.Besides that, I can never say no to their eggrolls, which come in both beef and vége version.

After the meal, I would never leave with a cup of fresh Vietnamese coffee ( ca phe sua da).Ah, how about a prices ?First of all, Free hot tea makes my day and then, 5$ for 5 delicious egg-rolls ( what a deal ! )

Here is a non-exhaustive list of places I recommend.High End: Toqué !; the best and most expansive place in town.Au Pied de Cochon; a fine restaurant from where you will never leave saying “I’m still hungry”.Apollo; a very good Italian place.Joe Beef; tasty food, nice atmosphere and an ever-changing menu.

Every time you go it’s a new experience.Famous local foods Schwartz’s Smoked Meat, for that good ol’ Montreal smoked meatLester’s, if you don’t like Schwartz’s style smoked meat.Locals usually prefer one or the other.La Banquise, restaurant that serves the very best poutine worldwide.Most romantic place in the summer: Le Jardin Nelson in the Vieux-Port.You eat in a garden patio area full of beautiful blooming flowers *absolutely everywhere*.There are many more places where to eat… Montréal is, after all, the culinary capital of North America.

Welcome to Montreal !!If you are visiting during the summers, you’d surely have a great time in the city (: for we have tonnes of activities happening in and around the city.As far as restaurants are concerned – there are quite a lot of amazing ones that you can find, depending on what cuisine you’d like to try.

If you like to eat meat, then the local Poutine is an absolute must try.You can also try some really good hot pot in Chinatown, some Korean food at St.Catherine, Japanese cuisine at Quartier de spectacles.Le taj is a great option to try Indian fine dine food.

The burger bar is an amazing place to try on some great meat as well as vegetarian burgers.You can get some nice cheap eats at any of the food trucks around the city, or at the food truck Friday every week at pier IX or some cool patios at Sherbrooke street.We also have some amazing cafes here which you could indulge in.

Montreal is quite open and diverse with its cuisines from around the world, so finding a one that you would love wouldn’t be difficult.

I’ll focus on listing Montréal staples Must try food and Montréal staples Smoked meat at SchwartzPortuguese chicken at Romados or Poule MouilléPoutine at la banquise (24hours)Greek at Marven’sJapanese izakaya at kazuBreakfast at Beauty’s dinner or at L’avenue (make sure to check out their bathrooms!

)Coffee at OlympicoBagel at St-viateur BagelWilenskyHigh end dinner Joe beef or Liverpool housePied de CochonParkToqueClub Chasse et PecheDamasFrench: l’express or Leméac

Hey, even though Montreal is a small city, the food is great.One of my favorite place to go eat is called Les Saison de Coree.Their Korean food is authentic and not tempted by the American influence.

However, if you prefer fried chicken, you can go to Mon Ami which is another Korean restaurant, but the highlight is their fried chicken.It is the closest taste to the actual fried chicken in Korea.Since you are coming to a French province, it is better if you go taste our national food: Poutine.

A lot of restaurants (fast food or pricey place) has it.

Depending on you budget and your preferences, the choices are very diverse.If you visit Old Montreal, you could go to Jardins Nelson, very nice setting.For pricier ($$$), you could try L’Épicier, beautiful old stone house converted into a restaurant.

If you really want to splurge, my suggestion is Toqué ($$$$$).Then you have Chinatown and all the different cultures around downtown.If you want to go on the cheap, definitely go to Schwartz for the best smoked meat, but be prepared to line up outside!

“O Noir”.When I lived in Montreal it was one of my favorite restaurants to experience, because it is, an experience.You walk in order and then put your purse and phone in a locker and are guided into the completely dark restaurant by your blind waiter.

Ordering the surprise menu is the way to go if you are brave enough because it completes the experience but the food is delicious either way.Your senses are put on high alert to make everythin wonderful but choose your dinner companion wisely.

Romados or Ma Poule Mouillée for great portuguese chicken, Schwart’z for one of the best smoked meats in town (get ready to wait in line), La Banquise for poutine (it’s right across from Ma Poule Mouillée).Those are the touristy “must-try” spots, but there’s tons of more local experiences that are great on the Plateau or in the Old Port.

So many great places to eat but I will narrow it down by my favorite areas: Parc Ave: Bagels from St Viateur, Coffee and dessert – Juliette et Chocolat, French – Leméac, Estiatorio Milos – Greek.

Old Montreal (Vieux Montreal/Vieux Port): Modavie – Jazz & Wine bar with great local food, Jardin Nelson – French, great patio and crepes, Beijing – Chinese Buffet right in China town

Montreal has one of the most diverse amounts of cuisine, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding good restaurants.A few of the “must-haves” would be: Moishes Steakhouse, Schwartz’s Deli, La Banquise, Auberge Saint-Gabriel.If you’re looking to expand and try a few smaller, unknown gems, check out Tri Express, Saint Sushi Bar, Bottegga Pizzeria, and Sammi & Soupe Dumplings.

Baton Rouge, La Casa Greque, Le Vieux Duluth are my favorites.The ribs at Baton Rouge are just amazing.Any souvlaki platter is good at the Casa Greque.

Le Vieux Duluth (also a Greek restaurant) has great dishes from the grill, from seafood to steak if in Montreal , you need to try a good hearty poutine .La belle province, chez Gerard are good places to get it.And if you like snotty service and excessive pricing, then Schwartz’ is the place to go.

If you want to go the touristic approach, there are classics like Swarchtz and La Banquise, but the best ones are those you don’t always hear about.The two mentioned above are fine, but they know they are touristic attractions, and they will charge accordingly.Hurley’s, an Irish pub on Crescent street, downtown, and Greenspot, on Greene Street in Saint-Henri are ones I go to still and enjoy to the fullest for their comfortable atmosphere and good food.

Place Tevere.Multiple locations in Montreal primarily in shopping center food courts across the province.High end italian food served fast.

You should also try Chop Crazy creations specialising in salads made in front of you with over 70 ingredients to choose from.The first to introduce this concept in Montreal.The menu is vast ranging from wraps to smoothies to soups.

Located mainly in shopping center food courts across the island of Montreal.

Hi.I don’t know if those are necessarily the best restaurants in Montreal but personally I like Cassey’s , my favourite, Baton Rouge, Scores, Arahova, Huston bar and grill, Casa Greque.I hope my answer helped a little bit.

Those restaurants are affordable and the food is really good.There are plenty of restaurants here in Montreal for every type of cuisine( mexican, japanese, indian etc).

schwartz: smoked meat sandwichesla banquise: poutine optionsl’avenue: breakfast and especially egg benetictsst-viateur bagel&cafe: breakfast especially bagelsicehouse: taco variationsjuliette & chocolat: everything about chocolatepikolo espresso bar: coffee and ambiancecafe neve: hourly fresh baked cookies and coffeela distillerie no.1: coctail jarsapt.

200: party time

What are the best restaurants to try when visiting Montréal, QC, Canada?What should you try while you’re there?For a terrific steak and a taste of Montreal\s history I highly recommend Gibby’s Gibbys Restaurant – Old Montreal, Saint-Sauveur Set in a 300 year old stable in the old port this is a perfect setting for dinner.

Well if you like italian food Wientsein and Gavino’s is great.You can sit ouside and its in downtown montreal.Also if you like art Modern art museum is really close by.

And if you are here around 28th the international jazz festival will start on that day.Can’t think of anything else for now.

If you want to try typical Montreal cuisine, you should definitely try out La Banquise, where they serve a variety of poutine (fries, cheese, gravy).

Its open 24/7.Montreal is also home to many different cultures, so I would also suggest Indian, Lebanese, Haitian and Vietnamese restaurants if you have the opportunity.

Breakfast at Alo Mon Coco is Great and very good value .Tropical fruit Juices at Antabli Lunch/Dinner ..you have tens of great examples given in the thread .For Smoked meat I prefer Pete’s in Ile Perrot though Schwartz is more porpular.

Sushi is best on St Jean Sushi (West Island ).For more specific Requests as Specific Cuisine or Meal !!

Try Juliet et chocolate.One of the best for your sweet tooth.Le Vin Papillon is good too.

among the restaurant that i’ve tried so far, the best is “HOUSE OF JAZZ” i really enjoyed its lovely atmosphere, its delicious food, its kind wiatresses, and its singers’ hot voice.so i am sure you can spend onderful moments there p.s.

Each part of Montreal has great restaurants and is set by different cultures.While in Montréal you have to try a typical french Canadian breakfast with beans and crétons.Bagels, smoked meat let’s not forget Poutine.the Orange Julep on Decarie.

Best Greek: Milos on avenue du parc, Best seafood you will ever have Great Sechuan: Le Chrisamtheme on Crescent Best Sushi: Shodan on Metcalfe Great French Cuisine: Laurie Raphael on Mansfield

Honestly, it depends of your taste.I tried some Polish food with some people like maybe 5 times (it calls the Stash Café, in the old port of Montreal) which I truly recommend to try if you’re someone who likes to try new food.

The best restaurant in Montreal is a Greek restaurant called Marathon.My favourite is the meat platter.It isn’t on the menu so you have to ask for it.

The price is reasonable at $13.99 I intend on going back soon!!!

Joe Beef is the most famous Maisin Bouloud is fabulous fancy French fare Nora Grey is the most amazing Italian place For really fun, really delicious, inexpensive Haitian food in a great atmosphere, Agricole.

In addition to all the above answers, make sure to try bagels from Fairmount bagel!It is the oldest bagel shop in Montreal and The bagels are cheap.Personally, I love the Blueberry bagels!

ps Also, don’t forget to get some hot sesame bagels from St-Viateur!

Hello and welcome to foodie paradise!Try Joe Beef (St. Henri) Park (on Victoria Ave in Westmount), Hopkins on Monkland.These are not hole in the wall discoveries, but established, recommended fabulous eateries in Montreal.

Definetly eat the most famous food that’s called Poutine!Everyone who tastes it falls in love and it’s literally the first food that comes in mind when you say Québec.

Schwartz’s, Reservoir (brunch), Mile-Ex, L’Express, Moishe’s, Lemeac, Chez Claudette (poutine).The Main is also pretty great and has no line, in contrast to Schwartz’s.

-Club Chasse et Peche -Au Pied de Cochon -Milos (greek) -Joe Beef -Toqué -Primo & Secondo (italian) -Foiegwa -Tuck Shop -Olive & Gourmando (breakfast/lunch) -L’Emeac (bistro) -Satay Brothers (casual)

Those who have answered before me have listed great places but I would add Bar B Barn which have a simple menu but great ribs and chicken choices…on on Guy St and the other off the TransCanada in Dollard des Ormeaux !

Schwartz for smoked beef sandwiches La belle province or La banquise for poutine Basha or Amir for Labanese cuisine Sana restaurant for indian/pakistani cuisine Brit & Chips for fish & chips Warehouse (downtown) everything (except drinks) for $5.

Hi, You definitely want to have a few brunchs in Montreal in independent cafés.Around the plateau area there are so many, i would recommend café Cherrier, Engauffrez-vous or Fabergé.

Montreal is known for it’s amazing street food so don’t be afraid to just walk into a hole in the wall type place as you walk the rich and cracked streets.

But if you want something proper Gibby’s is an oldy but a goody.

Montreal is an amazing Montreal is an amazing place from its culture to its beautiful sights and turistic attractions.Montreal has a Six Flag Park called that La Ronde.

I use the program to find interesting and pleasant restaurants.

Try this, this is what you need: Damas Restaurant, Montreal – Outremont – Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos – TripAdvisor

Best restaurants in Montreal according to me are Le Jardin de Panos and Toque.

You should try to go to the Biodôme, Insectarium, hike up Mont Royal.

The best restaurant is Trattoria Lanni in vaudreuil on St.Charles.Italian Paradise!Great pasta…seafood…fresh fish…veals…osso Buca and wood burning oven for awesome pizza!

Restaurent chez Sen (Thai / 5*) Artigiani (Italien / 5*) Ouzeri (greek / 4*) Piri Piri Plateau (4 *) Jaipur Tandoori (Indien / 5*) L’Academie (Italien /4*) Tora Bora (Pakistan /4*) La Khaima (Marocain / 4*) El Jibaro (Pérou / 5*)

L2 Lounge for bubble tea La Banquise for poutine Mikasa for sushi Schwartz’s Deli for smoke meat sandwich Ganadara for Korean meal St-Viateur for bagel

You should really go in Khyberpass, an afghan restauranttt.Easily one of the most popular resto in st-denis.

Indian – Restaurant ATMA Sushi – Shodan (on metcalf) – make sure you try their specials Vegatarian Sushi – Sushi Momo Authentic pizza – Bottega Fresh Bagels – Fairmount Bagels

Maison VIP in Chinatown is a really quaint authentic restaurant and while it isn’t super well known, it’s probably the best Chinese food in Montreal.

Montreal has fabulous restaurants, try Bonaparte in old Montreal, also Le Vin Papillon, Damas, Graziella, Toque, L’express and Ferreira Cafe

The pizza from practical any independent Greek restaurant is absolutely fantastic!

It’s the thing I miss most about Montreal.

Sooooo many choices!Depend on what you like but try: Maggie Oakes, Les Enfants Terribles at Ville Marie Place, PortoVino!

Frites Alors on Ste Catherine Street and SubwayBelgium French Fries Awesome Better than the 5 Guys restaurant not far away

La bonquise For good poutine

La Banquise (Try: La Taquise) Végane Rapide (Try: The cheeseburger), Mac Bar (Try: The Smack) and Au Vivre (Try: their house salad)

I suggest you The Best Mexicain restaurant is Emilianô’s downtown Montreal , 260 Notre dame Ouest !Also Riff Beef on Decarie blvd.

Allo Mon coco for sure!That’s definitely an amazing place for brunch.

I would recommend Gibby’s in Old Montreal.Steak house and seafood.I took quite a few customers there.

Valet parking available.

Montreal plaza East africa Pied de cochon l’express L’entrecote st-jacque

La pere du speghetti, or woodland pizza, Wellington pizza, casa greque, kon tiki

I recently had a delicious breakfast at Bar George.

Beautiful interior and good prices.

Restaurant Hà – Concept traditionnel vietnamienThey have a new address in Old Montreal.

Hi, you can try Poutine, you can go to the Banquise (24hrs) or Poutineville.


dirty dogs for some hotdogs,and definitely Schwartz for some smoked meat as well as the black soda

The main on Saint Laurence and Shwarts.

The smoked meat is to die for.

There are soo many too chose from it all depends what you are in the mood for too eat!

OM Restaurant on Boul.Saint Laurent.

Les Cavistes has one of the best wine cellar in Montreal.

Gentile Café, Westmount Ottavio Restaurant

Tehran Restaurant is amazing a must to go .

Neopoltiano, Pho Lien, Dirdar.

Orange Rouge quartier chinois

Tong Por and its chicken feet salad

Joe Beef or Cafe Ferrera

Ben’s De Luxe Deli.

Your best bet it too look it up either on google maps or on yelp.You’ll be able to read multiple comments.

Tasty food pizza

Seasoned Dreams is a good one.

le Toqué



Schwartz’s Gibby’s

DA Emma