What are the downsides of retiring in Montreal Canada

What are the downsides of retiring in Montreal Canada

Winter crime happened Montreal.Seniors are a target but overall most neighborhoods in Montreal are safe.Crime is not confined to Montreal it’s a lot worse in many places.

Montreal has long waiting list for Senior Citizen’s Apartments and some apartments that are rented by landlords are bad.Montreal rent are lower then many cities.Montreal has stores Entertainement culture restaurants.

The government has made cuts to social services the Quebec economy never really recovered fully The political instability that started in the 1960’s Getting service in English can be a problem bill 101 and it’s enforcement has mean that “English services” May not be provided when needed.But the main downside is winter for 5 to 6 months of the year many seniors become prisoners in their own house sidewalks become treacherous salt and ice seems to be in short supply.You can get groceries delivered to your house on the Internet.

You can live near great Dr but if you can’t get to the doctor it’s a problem.Also there is a shortage of family doctors and even though Quebec has state health insurance private medical coverage is very desirable money means you can get faster service and in some cases better than the government will provide.

The snow!!!!The snow!!!!for the rest, Montreal is a fairly cheap place to live if oyu compare to Toronto or Vancouver, and has virbrant cultural life.