What are the pros and cons of being a driver for Uber or Lyft in Montréal

What are the pros and cons of being a driver for Uber or Lyft in Montréal

There is no Lyft in Montreal yet, as for Uber the pay is not the best but if your looking to make some spare money and you have a car than its not bad, but you have to watch out for the taxi police they’re after Uber drivers they hand you a ticket and seize your car, UI Ber reimburses you for all costs but it’s still a hassle hopefully Uber and the government will come to an agreement, and to all the taxi drivers that complain clean up your act take a shower turn on the air conditioning once In awhile treat your passengers with respect and fix your shocks

I personally would find, being an Uber driver in MTL,, quite difficult.Opposed to say, the state’s!The driving/traffic is so crazy, and sometimes, people aren’t so understanding, that U, can’t control traffic, Blizzard conditions, and even so, that in a snowstorm, going 20mph over speed limit, isn’t SAFE!!

U are looking out, for your safety& safety of others.Just my opinion, seems to be more rushed, and not so understanding of, stuff we just can’t control!

Those services are parasites… Reducing the salary of those who drive taxis, while taking our local money to international corporations installed outside our country to evade paying taxes and reinvest money in our local economy, instead they make us poorer.This means that such service purpose is only going to get even less profitable for our nation and its peoples… As such, those services have no clear future outcome.

I had a tenant for 4 years who came here on work visa and lost his job, started driving Uber /Lyft/ubereats in the evening and was making 95000 p.a.He told me after gas, maintenance etc, he earned 50000 p.a as his salary.Self employed, his own boss and he worked hard from 5a.m to 10.30 am and 5 pm to 1–2 am.

I believe that they have banned uber by law in Montreal.So the major con is that it is illegal.