What are the reasons that people in Vancouver are saying it s a dying city Is it not affordable for families with more than one kid

What are the reasons that people in Vancouver are saying it s a dying city Is it not affordable for families with more than one kid

I have been living here since 1981, except for a 10 year period in LA” and I have never heard Vancouver called a dying city.If it were dying, the population would be shrinking when it is growing too fast for the housing industry to keep up.Where I live in east Burnaby we have 8 more high rise towers under construction and over 20 in planning stages.

Everywhere you go in greater Vancouver there is a lot of construction going on and the only reason there is not more happening is a shortage of construction workers.This is not a dying city.You may wish to quote your sources on this concept that Vancouver is a dying city.

It is the lack of affordability is itself a sign that this is a vibrant place where plenty of people want to live.As for having children, the time a family could live with just one income went away in the 1970s.This makes it difficult to have more than 1 or 2 children.

If you want to live in the city of Vancouver and are not rich, one child is basically all you can afford.Canadians on average are not big on having a lot of children, Instead we have just 1 or 2 and work on making sure they are quality children.If you want to move to the most popular destinations, Vancouver and Toronto, for new Canadians, then you have to compete on the housing market.

Because basically, Vancouver and Toronto are full.If you want to have more than 2 children, go to Edmonton, Alberta where the cost of buying a house is 25% of the median income rather than Vancouver where it is 87% of the median income.As well jobs are fairly plentiful there.

Or to Halifax, Nova Scotia which is a great place to raise a family.However job prospects are lower there.

Vancouver has consistently ranked as the top “most livable city” in the world in various surveys over the years.Unfortunately, it’s also the most expensive of that category.For instance, a “typical Vancouver home” according to various government data over the years is:— an apartment rather than a detached or semi-detached houseaverage area 720 square feet (67 square metres)average selling price US$550,000 to buyCan you imagine what pressure that means on ordinary folks with just one child?

If anyone is saying that, it is probably low to middle class people.For them, it is dying.

It is not affordable for families with average income, with both working parents and one children, or even some over average salaries.I’m not trying to be snotty or anything, the only reason I can afford to live here and do well is because I come from a well to do family.My grandfather heads a bank based in Toronto.

Please don’t say I’m living off my parents, I’m only 15.