What are the transportation options in Vancouver

What are the transportation options in Vancouver

There are several but to avoid writing a 3000 word reply, perhaps if you tell us what you think you will need would make it a lot easier to help you.As well ig you mean just Vancouver or greater Vancouver That said here is the summary Car Public transit which includes buses, Sky Train (light rail), Sea Bus (to the North Shore BC Ferries to connect to Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast, etc, Air Vancouver International Airport, Abbotsford Airport and Bellingham Airport Bicycles – Anywhere you want.If this does not tell you what you want, you need to tell us more about what you are looking for.

One rule.If you plan to drive to work and if you work on the North Shore, live there.If you do not work on the North Shore, do not live there.

Unless you love being stuck in horrific traffic.The last expansion of traffic capacity to the North Shore was in 1960 and because of geography we cannot expand it further.As well, if you drive to work, do not cross the Fraser River (any arm of it) in driving from home to work or back.

Because of horrific traffic.

I’ve actually made a video that explains the public transit system and another about the bike share system, both are on youtube.I’ll quickly list the options you have while in Vancouver.Public transit (skytrain, bus, seabus)Bike share Program / Rent a bikeCar ShareRental CarsWalkingTaxiIt’s 2019, but Vancouver still doesn’t have Uber or any other ride share programs.

The transportation in Vancouver is very convenient.There are two skytrain lines which makes most of people’s life much easier.You can also take a bus to go somewhere and they are pretty punctual if you check the schedule online.

BC ferries can take you to the North Vancouver quickly as well.As you can see, there are many options that you get some benefits.We would suggest to you to check their website to see zones around Vancouver.

Buses are good in high traffic areas but can be pricy overall.Traditional gas engine cars are expensive because of the price of gas.The best option and the one I’m going to do as soon as I can is a full electric car.

Having been to Vancouver before as a tourist, I rented a car but you can travel by bus, taxi, Uber, and I think train as well.

Bike lanes, buses skytrain and Canada line sea bus.