What are three weird tips about visiting British Columbia

What are three weird tips about visiting British Columbia

I am just going to give one tip because it may be the most important of all.British Columbia is one of the most beautiful natural locations in the world.If you are interested in hiking (and who would not be) you can have the most enjoyable time in the mountains right next to Vancouver or you could get lost, never to be seen again.

Just some of the reasons why hiking is dangerous are these: a.Cell phone coverage drops off dramatically very shortly after you leave your parking spot.If you think you can call 911 you will be disappointed.

b.Many of the forests are dense.You will lose your sense of direction and not be able to find your way back.

If it gets dark you are really in trouble if you have no flashlight etc.c. If you get lost the natural tendencies we see are to head down.This often leads to steep cliffs into gorges.

The streams and rivers at the bottom of these gorges most often do not provide a way out.The good news is that you can still confidently have a great hike with a little forethought.Be prepared.

Leave a note in your car describing where you are going and how long you plan to be.If you have a GPS (not the one on your phone) and use the “breadcrumb” feature I can almost guarantee you will make it out.Always pack as if you are going to spend one night in the forest with clothing, food and water.

If you can afford it carry a satellite phone.We have critters.Find out what animals you are likely to meet and how to deal with them.

For example: you should not take small dogs on your hike.Coyotes are everywhere and they will team up to distract you while their partners snatch your small dog away from you.Hikers are not permitted to carry firearms.

The SARs (search and rescue) teams are world renowned and will rescue you but only if they know where you are.Every year they rescue dozens of people and sometimes tourists are never heard from again.

I don’t know if these are weird tips but – here goes… If you go to Vancouver Island, make sure to schedule time for a visit to Horne Lake Caves…which are awesome and accessible for a look underground.While you are on Vancouver Island, schedule a trip to Port Alberni…on the way you can stop by a funky little community called Coombs, then Little Qualicum Falls – a magically beautiful provincial park – and Cathedral Grove, a stand of massive old-growth trees.In Port Alberni there is a terrific attraction – a steam train ride out to the McLean’s steam powered sawmill and replica of a company town.Very affordable and worth doing.If you’re visiting Vancouver, do whatever it takes to ditch your car (if you have one) and use public transit.

Parking and commuter traffic are brutal – it has among the worst gridlock in the country.

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When crossing from ‘Murica, don’t bring no guns, no Bowie knives under the seat, nothin’!