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Pumpkin bread is available in the summer.Pumpkin bread was brought back for two weeks this season.Pick up a loaf of our favorite treat on June 1-12.Are you ready for pumpkin bread?We will see you Tuesday.#kneaders #pumpkinbread

There is a weekend contest!We are giving away a whole pie to celebrate Memorial Day.A BBQ dessert with fresh lemon custard on our signature pie crust is perfect.Tag a friend in the comments to enter the contest.There will be no links or forms to follow when the winners are announced on Monday.Good luck, and Happy Memorial Day weekend!

The community and people he served will miss him.Condolences to his family and his friends.We love you, Sherm!

We are celebrating Memorial Day with fruit smoothies.Purchase one smoothie and get another free.Razzleberry, Mango Tango, and more are made with real fruit and yogurt.You don’t need a coupon or promo code to stop by the drive-thru.This deal is not available online or through the app because our smoothies are fresh.Who are you going to share a smoothie with?We will see you Monday!

We made new sugar cookie designs for the summer.Watermelons are topped with mini chocolate chips or bite-sized treats of lemons and limes.These limited-time designs are made with our classic lemon dough and hand decorated each morning with creamy buttercream frosting.Pick up a picnic dessert at the bakery as we are ready to enjoy the sunshine with you.#sugarcookies, #watermelon, and #cookiedecorating

The heart of Kneaders has been old-world style hearth bread for more than 20 years.Our promise of quality and commitment to simple ingredients and traditional baking techniques makes us proud to partner withlehimills.Special standards for wheat used in Kneaders flour are provided by Lehi Mills.They have set specific fields to meet the needs of our bread process.What is your favorite way to enjoy a sandwich with a balsamic dip?Let us know in the comments.

We are welcoming the weekend with a recipe for tailgate chicken ciabatta.The crowd pleaser is an open-faced sandwich that was created for halftime.Consuming cheese on the Ciabatta base is recommended immediately.There is a loaf of Kneaders Ciabatta Bread and 2 cups of chicken, cooked and shredded.The oven should be set to 350 2.There is a loaf of Ciabatta in this picture.Put shredded chicken, cheese, dressing, and green chilies in a bowl.Add salt and pepper to make it taste better.Spread the mixture on the bread.Wrap each half in foil.The cheese mixture should be kept off the foil.When cheese is melted, bake for 15 minutes.Each half should be sliced into thirds.#kneaders #breaducation #chickensandwich

A classic Sourdough sandwich is needed for a breaducation.The Fiesta Grilled Cheese is one of our most-requested recipes and used to be a menu favorite.Four types of cheese topped with peppers on Sourdough is enough to satisfy even the most passionate grilled-cheese fan.What are your grilled cheese secrets?Can we try any special cheese blends?Kneaders French Country Sourdough has butter, red bell pepper, diced jalapenos, and 2 slices of muenster cheese.Set pan to medium-high heat and cook peppers in oil until soft.Spread slices of Sourdough with butter.Place butter on the bread.Place 2 slices of muenster and swiss on a piece of bread.2 slices of provolone and pepper jack should be placed on other bread.Put peppers on top and close sandwich.When the bread is brown and the cheese is melted, keep the sandwich on the pan.

The classic Baguette is a breaducation staple, and we have shared how to use it in a variety of dishes.We love garlic bread, and this recipe makes it an easy treat, with bite-sized slices that stay crisp and delicious.They disappear quickly.While we used unsalted butter, you can brush on any spices or herbs you want.What herbs would you add to the Garlic Baguette?The oven should be set to 350 2.Cut the baguette in half and slice it in 3 slices.Add butter, garlic, salt and parsley.Between slices of bread, brush butter mix.The butter should be brushed on the top and sides.The crust needs to be baked until it is crisp.Pull apart and enjoy!

This week we are sharing our favorite ways to enjoy fresh bread at home.Is it possible to use cinnamon french toast for a Monte Cristo sandwich?Our twist on this American classic adds a touch of Kneaders sweetness to make a Chunky Cinnamon Monte Cristo.We used powdered sugar, but you could also use our caramel syrup.The Chunky Cinnamon Monte Cristo is a full breakfast, and we recommend sharing with a fellow French Toast fan.The oven should be at 350 degrees 2.There is cheese and meat between pieces of French toast.As desired, add more.When cheese has melted, bake until it’s gone.Sprinkle with powdered sugar and enjoy!

There is still time to get your tickets for A Taste of Kneaders.This event will feature a tasting menu of dips, spreads, and jams, along with candies and Southern Banana Pudding for a sweet treat.A loaf of French Country Sourdough will be given to all guests.

If you want to attend the “A Taste of Kneaders”, you need to get your tickets at the bakery for $10.We can’t wait to spend the evening with you.

Not available at either of the Bulldog locations.

It is chocolate chip day.Chocolate Chunk Cookies are fresh from the oven.Two types of semi-sweet chocolate chunks with just a hunt of brown sugar and vanilla are delicious.You don’t need an excuse to enjoy cookies, come grab one to celebrate the holiday with us!We will have them ready for you.Nationalchocolatechipday is about chocolate chip cookies, freshcookies, homemadecookies and we love chocolate.

For the rest of the month we’re adding a loaf of fresh-baked bread for you to enjoy, so you can enjoy Kneaders for your summer party, graduation, or lunch at the office.You can get a free loaf of bread with the purchase of a meal kit.Pick up sandwiches and soups for the team at the beginning of the day, or keep it healthy with salads and sandwiches.Available at the bakery or online starting Monday, you can choose your favorite free bread to share, or enjoy it on your own.Don’t worry, we will not tell!#kneaders #graduation #hearthbread #freshbread

The event will feature a tasting menu of dips, spreads, ciders, and jams and will be held in most locations.We will have free soda and candy throughout the event to satisfy your sweet tooth.Attendees of the menu tasting will receive a loaf of French Country Sourdough, Southern Banana Pudding, and a dip mix.Decor items are 20% off.The tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the bakery, but capacity is limited.We will be at the Taste of Kneaders.

Not available at either of the Bulldog locations.

Our Turkey bacon sandwich is just $6.50 on Thursday.The Kneaders classic is the TBA sandwich.You can stop by this Thursday, May 13, or order online, we will have your sandwich ready!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest this weekend!We are thankful to have so many wonderful mothers with us.The winners are.