What are your thoughts on the new leader of the Green Party of Canada Annamie Paul

What are your thoughts on the new leader of the Green Party of Canada Annamie Paul

My first impression of Annamie was not good.But now that I’ve had a few impressions of her, I get it.She’s good.

What she isn’t is the emotional “mother” dear Elizabeth May has been.That takes a bit of time to get over, although it shouldn’t.Greens are evidence-based more than ideological.

There are some Conservative policies that are worth a look.(Not many!)Climate change is an emergency—an urgent necessity to keep a planet we can actually live on.

As they say, “there is no planet B” We can’t succeed if we are (not) getting to a target 20 years too late, which is too little anyway.I do totally understand the Liberals fixation on an electoral system that will more often than not give them 100% of the power.But I’d much prefer an electoral system that will give ALL citizens a chance to elect the representative of their choice, and a reason to vote.

And to me, that is also an urgent emergency.Because look at the other two in the OECD.You’ve got Britain self-imploding, and after coming to an agreement, suddenly they finally figured it out and want a do-over?

And then there’s Trump.Enough said.Other countries have the white supremacists and the misleading media too—except they can neutralize it to an extent because those aren’t the only voices at the decision-making table!

So, bona fides first.I’m Canadian.I’ve voted Green at the provincial level.

I’m a strong advocate of environmental action, publishing and podcasting with a global audience and with global thought leaders such as Michael Mann and Mark Z. Jacobson.I was a Canadian Wind Energy Association Friend of Wind in 2014, the same year I was Senior Fellow – Wind Energy with a Washington think tank.I publish on Canadian and US politics from an environmental stance, with recent pieces including a climate report card for three US Presidents, a strong statement that the last Canadian election was about climate change, and an assessment of the latest Conservative leader (tl’dr: negative).

I exchange emails and have lunches with Canadian environmental leaders moderately regularly.I’m not David Suzuki, but I’m not nobody either.My responses in order were: Oh, right, May resigned.

I’d forgotten.Annamie Paul?Who is that?While not as useless a vestigial appendix as the NDP, at least they don’t steal as many votes from the party actually doing something for the environment, the Liberals.I really wish the NDP would just dissolve.Thankfully, the Liberals, Greens, NDP and BQ are strongly aligned on the environment and climate change, and against the Conservatives and their antediluvian and retrograde policies.But I still wish the NDP would disappear.Thankfully, we can afford a Green Party and its vote splitting on the sane side of the ledger.Wait, what was that name again?


Very smart lady, politics and public policy are in her veins, and she obviously ran a shrewd campaign to win the leadership.The key for her is to bring the Green Party out of the fringe, from a couple of seats, to 5 or 10, probably at the expense of the NDP.But the left is very crowded in Canada, with even the Liberals leaning more that way, and they have the war chest to buy ridings much more than anyone else.

So good luck to her, but she’ll need much more than luck.She needs policy and promotion.And money.

To paraphrase Voitare .Though I disagree with a lot of her parties policies , I will defend her rights and roles in our government.She seems very smart and worldly.

Has a back up with a twin sister.Does not seem as unstable as Mrs May.I hope her party can focus on other issues except the “ climate emergency” that all Mrs May could talk about in the federal debates .

I am sure she would have got in if the NDP did not run a canditate in the Toronto byelection.

No thoughts really.I’m sure she is a good person.But the concern with Greens is that they siphon the progressive vote, and could facilitate Liberal or NDP losses, or god forbid wins for OT and his bunch of Trumpists.

Indeed, I strongly believe Elizabeth May, an American, is a closet republican who set out to undermine progressive parties.She failed, and hopefully so will Ms Paul.I have other issues with Canadian Greens.

They have no coherent ideas on Global warming, they block governments attempts to find compromises and solutions on pipeline planning, and thus thwart Canada’s national effort to meet Paris targets.In short they are paying into the hands of carbon economy diehards.Ms Paul will not win as a Green in Toronto Centre but she could split the vote.

What are your thoughts on the new leader of the Green Party of Canada Annamie Paul?I knew Elizabeth May was stepping down but I hadn’t realized the election had taken place.

I wish her well; however, I don’t think that Toronto Centre is a hotbed of pro-Green sentiment, and therefore not the best riding for her, although I respect the fact that she lives there.

As she is facing a strong Liberal candidate in this byelection, I wish that a Green with a safe seat had stepped down in order to get her into the House of Commons.

too early for me to answer that….

I will wait to see what she stands for, and make my mind then….. personally I am for a clean environment, and high efficiency equipment, buildings, cars, and household furnishings…

Well, I don’t really follow Green Party politics all that closely.I’m given to understand she has called out the anti-Semitism of some of the Green Party’s supporters and good for her for that.

So I don’t know this person, I’m all for saving the world’s water and precious resource s given to us ,we all have to come together and do our part, “The Green party” I’m confused , don’t know what they are truly about The new leader, .huh!

Time will tell.

Thanks for the A2A.I think I answered more or less the same question once already.I think I said that she seems very accomplished and sharp and should be a good conscience for the major parties.

Well I’m not a Green Party supporter but I have read about her and she’s very well educated and she is passionate in what she believes in so I think her party has made a good choice!

She has great courage to take on this task.

The obstinate selfishness of self-seeking conservatives makes her success impossible.

Not much actually.

Only thing I can say is based on her recent comments she lacks Elizabeth May’s finesse and diplomatic skills – skills which are needed given that the Green’s do not even Have Party status in the House.

From what I have seen, she is outstanding.

I am not convinced that this will translate to growth of her party, but hope so.

Whenever the green party becomes relavent I will make a better opinion on them.

The best compliment I can give them is that they are not Liberals 2 like the NDP is.