What colors are used for a 50th Birthday Party?

We have all of the years listed from the gift lists.

Anniversary symbols can help you come up with a big idea when you are planning a party.They will be linked to the year you are celebrating.

A married couple’s 10th wedding anniversary is a big deal.Ten years is a long time.Children could be a part of the equation.”Me” time for the married couple might be affected by family life.Kids shouldn’t affect your celebration.They should be part of the celebration.Tin and diamonds are the anniversary symbols.

The anniversaries of the 15th and 20th are important.These occasions are celebrated by the whole family because the couple’s children are in their teens or late childhood already.In a quiet and small scale way, fifteen and twenty years of marriage are celebrated.The symbol for the 25th wedding anniversary is silver.The 25th wedding anniversary is celebrated with a renewal of wedding vows in some countries.

The 50th wedding anniversary is a big deal.Half a century of married bliss is not every couple’s cup of tea.The golden couple should have their vows renewed with their family and friends as witnesses.The anniversary symbol is gold.

We put the traditional gifts’ colors in their own color wheel to make it easier to see.

Each anniversary has it’s own distinct color, but there are a number of duplicate colors.The anniversary colors are linked to the traditional and modern anniversary lists and quite a few are in different shades of white.The gift of that year is represented by the colors.

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