What colors make brown, how to mix them, and 5 common shades.

In this article, we discuss what primary colors can make brown and what 2 colors do.

Brown is the basis for painting many commonplace subjects like hair, skin, wood and earth.

There is no reason to waste.

The guide will show you how to mix any shade of brown with red, blue and yellow paint.

It will help you figure out what colors make brown when you have limited supplies.

The simplest way to make brown is to combine all of the primary colors in equal proportions.

If you want to make a lighter shade of brown, you should have some opaque white on hand.

Try to use paints that look as classic as possible because there are so many variations of every color.Cadmium red, cerulean blue, cadmium yellow medium and titanium white are good choices.

I will talk about how to mix paint to make brown but the theory can be applied using make-up, play-doh, ink, or markers, etc.

You should get a muddy brown if you mix equal portions of the primary colors together.

There is a small amount of white.You did not use as much of the other three colors.It is possible to make your brown lighter with a touch of opaque white.You can always apply more.

You will most likely need more than one type of brown.If you want a lighter tint, keep adding white.Before adding more paint, make sure to thoroughly mix.

If your brown is starting to look beige, you can warm it up with red or yellow or cool it down with blue.Warm tones are great for painting.

It's better to have a cooler brown for snow covered trees and dark fur.If you play with the ratios of the primary colors, you can get an array of browns.

The video shows you how to make brown paint.

You would end up with a color that looks more like mud than dark hair or chocolate if you add black paint to your brown mixture.

Adding some dark blue paint will give you colors that are better suited for nighttime forest scenes.

If you combine white with the three primary colors, you should be able to get any variation of brown you want, but what if you don't have all of those colors?

Several color combinations can make brown.The basics of color theory are what you need to understand.

Red, blue, and yellow are the primary colors and can be used to create any other color on the color wheel.

The primary colors are red and blue, orange and red, and green and yellow, so the secondary colors sit between them.

You combine equal amounts of the primary and secondary colors to make brown.

Opposites sides of the color wheel have complimentary colors on them.The following combinations can be used to make brown.

There are many ways to make the color brown.You can either use primary colors or secondary colors to make brown.

It is nice to know that if you are limited on color supplies you can always mix colors together.