What could cause my water to taste salty in the morning?

Have you ever had a glass of water that was salty?The internal seals on the valve can leak salty water into the cold water lines during regeneration cycles, which is a problem for people who use water softeners.The regeneration cycle occurs between 2 and 4 a.m. a couple times a week.

Salt water can leak into your cold water line if you use water in your home while regeneration happens.When you wake up in the morning, the salty water will still be there.

The problem with valves made by Autotrol is that they use discs that are only held closed by water pressure.If you flush a toilet, the pressure will drop enough to open a valve that should remain closed during the rinse cycle, which could result in some salty water leaking into your house lines.If you don't wake up to salty-tasting water in the middle of the night and keep the time of day set correctly for the regeneration cycle, this can happen in any valve that has internal seals that have been worn down.

Water with a salty taste isn't just unpleasant to drink.It can cause damage to the pipes and boilers in your home.While the salty water isn't harmful to your health, it could still cause some unpleasant side effects due to the higher levels of sulfates.You will probably want to avoid any unnecessary salt in your drinking water if you are on a sodium-sensitive diet.

You can clear this salty water from your plumbing by simply running the water for a short time.If it takes much longer than that, you may experience problems such as a bad connection at the o-ring of the distributor tube.

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